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About me Growing up in Kansas, USA, with not much to do really fine-tunes your imagination. I would get the neighbourhood kids together and we would shoot a film with my camcorder from whatever movie I was into at the time. I remember my punishment if I got into trouble was no “Grease” for the day. I always wanted to create and do something with the camera, whether I was in front or behind. I guess I just want a life where work is my passion. Success and knowledge are important to me. I don’t know what the meaning of life is exactly but I think it has something to do with happiness. I’m constantly on a journey of self-improvement and evolving into what I hope is a better version of me every day.

My goals and career ambitions I have lots of goals and career ambitions and they all range in the creative fields. An actor’s dream to me would be going from set to set. That’s my major goal for sure. Playing all sorts of characters would be amazing. I really look up to Charlize Theron in “Monster” and Sharon Stone in “Basic Instinct”. To me those are classics. I want to be in classics! I also want to try stand-up comedy at some point because it seems like the scariest thing to do. I’m currently writing with my girlfriend. We want it to be a TV show someday when it’s all said and done. A group of us actors just started an improv troupe, we have only practised so far.  Further down the line, I would eventually like to direct, own a production company, and be the head of a studio. I like to draw and design but right now that’s more of a hobby. I’m sure more things will come up and be eliminated as I evolve, but for now, that’s all of it I think. I have a lot to do.

My hobbies and interests I get to do what I love, the things that make me happiest are creating something and watching it come to life. I find it so fun having the image in your head then seeing it come to fruition. Creative endeavours are really exciting for me. I love concerts and music and to see and try new things. I am always looking for an adventure.

Who inspires me I find inspiration in all sorts of people. Most people I meet have their own special quality that I can find inspiration in. But I do have a few that stick out for me. Marilyn had this certain light about her that I cherish. She smiles and you want to smile, too. She took control of a room and lit up the world… and her presence lives on… now that’s something. I grew up watching Lucille Ball. She was so goofy and free. She made it all look so fun. She was a persistent, strong woman. When Hollywood told her “no” she kept going! Lady Gaga also inspires me with her boldness. She embraces and accepts who she is as I think everyone should.

My favourite quote “Do you want to be right, or do you want to be happy.”

Turn on Someone who can teach me about something I don’t know. Oh, and he’s got to make me laugh too. 

Turn off Someone who doesn’t respect my time or is a show-off.

The perfect date Spending the entire time laughing and contemplating life and when you finally look at your phone it’s passed your bed time.

My girl crush Charlize Theron

My favourite food It changes, but I’m always happy with a bag of popcorn.

My biggest fear Currently… it would be trying stand-up. What if I’m not funny or I can’t even speak when I get on the stage? So many what ifs! Ahh! In the long haul, it would be not living up to my full potential and letting myself down.

One destination I’d love to visit A Blue Zone!

I’m not embarrassed to say This doesn’t really embarrass me but I feel like people would be embarrassed for me. I don’t wash my hair that much, I just use lots of dry shampoo. Oh, and I talk to myself… everyone should try it. I think it’s healthy.

For more of Arielle’s adventures you can follow her on Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat @thearielleray


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