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The choice of which of South Africa’s gorgeous, intelligent and sexy women would grace the cover of the launch edition of PLAYBOY South Africa was an agonising one. Contrary to popular belief, PLAYBOY models need to exhibit more than mere perfect physical attributes. The selection of a cover model is akin to marriage – its the union of two entities that share a mutual aesthetic and ethos as each represents the other. Tracy McGregor has become a household name throughout South Africa, carving a name for herself forged by hard work and steely determination. These traits dovetailed with our shared vision, as her personality and depth surpassed the Siren-like beckoning of her beauty. There was simply no question; we had to have her.

Tracy says: “PLAYBOY’s so prestigious. When they showed me the concept, when I saw what we were going for, I knew this was going to be more like art – that swayed me. I said I might as well just do this, plus all the top girls in the world have posed for PLAYBOY, so why not I?” The lucky lensman bestowed with the honour of capturing Tracy’s splendour was international photographer Nikola Borissov. The trigger-happy Bulgarian has produced remarkable fashion and beauty shoots and his visual style was the perfect fit for our perfect cover model. “I didn’t really know too much about him, so my agent sent me to his website. I looked at his stuff. His work is amazing.” High praise indeed from a seasoned model.

Experience aside, appearing nude in a photoshoot was a decision Tracy entered into after consulting with her family and boyfriend. “Look, I’m still nervous about how people will perceive it”, she confesses. “Some will hate it, some will love it, but they’ll see how amazing the entire product is.” Advancements — whether they be scientific or philosophical — have always come from the actions of those pioneers who have had the vision and the depth of character required to take those first, tentative brave steps.

You can see Tracy at our Playboy Magazine launch party for the debut issue in April 2011 here 

You can hold a piece of history in your hands (as well as Tracy) with the first ever edition of Playboy South Africa. Want one for just R100 ($10) plus shipping and handling? Contact: tracycover at playboy dot co dot za