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She spends her days traveling the world attending the most exclusive events with the intimate, tightly-knit crowd of very influential playboys she counts as her friends.

She has been spotted in the pits at Monaco, at the Laureus Sporting Awards, and at many other of those moments where ultra-luxury brands and famous celebrities duck behind velvet ropes and red carpets.

Ever happy to remain a mystery, Jollie told PLAYBOY just enough about herself to keep us wanting more. When asked about her career, we got no more then “snooker-playing hustler and a PhD in Grand Crash Auto.” Also that she imports and exports nuts (no joke) and in her spare time acts as a sit-down comedian. Describing PLAYBOY as 007 of magazines, she claims that man are “their boerie-rolls.”

Don’t look for her at the nearest school fête though …

You can, however, find her in PLAYBOY South Africa December 2011

Photography by Anton Robért