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Smouldering Christina Storm takes us back in time to the era of the private boudoir, the innermost sanctum, where women could escape the front stage to get in touch with their own inner feelings and thoughts. Working with her trusted friend and photographer, Lillith, she paints a picture of nostalgia, of a yearning to break out. In real life, that is the Christina who has hogged headlines in South Africa since the day she shed her braces. We got hold of her at Oppikoppi to talk about her life and this photo shoot, where the music was blaring under the African sun and where she was just one of the crowd.

With her vivacious personality in full swing, enjoying the energy of the masses of people and friends around her, we cut it short. No nonsense, taking life by storm and onto the next adventure, reinventing herself in new and interesting ways. That’s the Christina we have all grown to admire.

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Playboy South Africa September 2011