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Friday is so much better when it’s frisky. And we have Miss November 2010 to thank for it. She invented, and perfected, #FriskyFriday – the Twitter phenomenon where women tweet pics of themselves every Friday along with the hashtag #friskyfriday, and fans around the world retweet. It’s a self-reinforcing cycle of fun.  With “selfie” having been declared the word of the year for 2013, we thought we’d go back to the woman who  started it all – Shera Béchard – and ask her more about how it started, how it’s changed, and what makes a great #friskyfriday pic.

Playboy South Africa Q&A with Shera Béchard

Since “selfie” was declared “word of the year” for 2013, do you think you had a little bit to do with that?
Yeah, I guess I helped a little. Obviously I didn’t create the word, nor did I take the first selfie, but I think the #FriskyFriday craze helped legitimize self-taken pics. So it made me smile when it was declared word of the year knowing that I had a small hand in it.

How and when did #FriskyFriday first start? Can you remember your first few # FriskyFriday pics and how people responded?
I started it in December 2010, as a means to help garner votes for Playmate of the Year. The first pic I posted as a FriskyFriday was a selfie. But next week it was a professionally taken pic, and it didn’t get the same response as the one I took myself. So for the third week I went back to a selfie and, once again, people loved it. So I decided then to keep FriskyFriday as purely self-taken pics.

How have you seen #Frisky Friday change over the years?
Well, my vision for it was self-taken pics, that weren’t completely naked. The idea was to tease and be, well, “Frisky”… So it bothers me when girls post pics that are either professionally done or taken by someone else. And it really bothers me when they post pics that are completely revealing. The pics should be tasteful and sexy, not raunchy….

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All we can say, is we are grateful for #FriskyFriday. Follow Shera at https://twitter.com/SheraBéchard Follow us at https://twitter.com/PlayboyMagSA. Don’t forget to tag us and use the hashtag #FriskyFriday.

Photography by Stephen Wayda