The newest record to feature Jack White also happens to be his debut full-length solo album. Even though White’s signature sound has been heard since 1997 when he began his raise to power as one rather large half of The White Stripes, White has never had the freedom to completely run with his ideas – the very same ones that contributed so heavily to The White Stripe’s success. Least we forget the success and critical acclaim of The Raconteurs and The Dead Weather, both of whom are bands made up of obscure members from other bands… and Jack White.

Blunderbuss is an excellent record for the very same reason it’s a very bad one. It once again gives Jack White a tight grip on the song-writing reigns, which reveals that Meg White, and all the other fellers from The Raconteurs and The Dead Weather were little more than sidemen. Because this is not Jack White’s debut solo album. It sounds like every White Stripes et al album before it. That is the reason songs like “Sixteen Saltines” and “I Guess I Should Go to Sleep” sound like covers.

But familiar songs are just that because they are good, and the songs Blunderbuss are good. The single “Love Interruption” is a stylish and groovy duet with, barely credited, Ruby Amanfu, and is probably the best track on the album. The rest are typical Jack White, dirty and twang-ridden guitars with juke-joint piano melodies and rolling organic drums. It’s well thought out, well produced and the songs are great… you could say they’ve been standing the test of time ever since we first heard them in 1997.