Terminatryx’s music is of a genre that includes styles like EBM (Electronic Body Music), Aggrotech, Dark Electro, Metal and Industrial Dance and is all of these but also none of them. I’m not going to cleave hairs over the terminology, but you can gather from those descriptions what is on offer. What they are, however, is somewhat unique in the local music scene – and I’m glad to say also a polished and succinctly dark ambassador for their style and an answer to the sugary American pop on our airwaves. The group was started by the dynamic duo of Paul Blom (formerly of legendary bands VOD and KOBUS, and who handles writing, engineering, bass and keys) and Sonja Ruppersberg (vocals and writing). They’ve recently released the Remyx V1.0 album, which is essentially a reworking of their first album by artists from the US, UK and Europe. It is loaded with extra bells and whistles… and loops and synths and more punch. The music is driven by hard electronic beats, distorted guitars, both harsh and melodic female vocals and a healthy helping of lyrical social commentary. The production is just what it needs to be, electrically serious but sonically fun, and the songs are guaranteed to get bodies moving whether you prefer PVC pants or plaid shirts. Give Remyx V1.0 a spin if you’re angry and want to dance about it. Or rather, stomp about it.

by George van der Riet

Published in Playboy South Africa April 2013

Image by Dr. Benway