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For the past few years I have been having erections in public at inappropriate times, usually when I see a woman dressed in a revealing way. This makes it difficult to walk, and I’m afraid people will think I’m a pervert. I haven’t had sex in a year, but I’ve tried masturbating more, and it doesn’t help. Should I see a doctor? – JP, Bloemfontein.

Yes, unless she’s hot. While random hard-ons can be embarrassing, they’re common, especially among younger men. If this is truly a problem, follow the lead of generations of teenage boys by wearing a jockstrap or baggy pants. A guy who has the same difficulty posted online that he rubs his finger and thumb together to refocus, but since we just shared that, it would give you away. Continue to pursue assisted erections. And relax. This is not a long-term problem, and fewer people than you think are looking at your crotch.

When my husband and I go to strip clubs, I allow him to get lap dances as long as he doesn’t touch the women. During our last visit, he felt the breasts and butts of three strippers. I didn’t follow him when he went to get the dances, though I realise now that I should have. He says he will do whatever it takes to win back my trust, but I don’t even want him to touch me. How do we get past this? – TS, Seapoint.

Your husband screwed up, but you are overreacting. He should have known better than to agree to these challenging conditions, but he’s hardly the first guy to overestimate his power to resist the female form. In this case, accept his apology and save your outrage for more serious transgressions.