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Production: Johnny Kortis
Hair and Make Up: Lucid Style
Location: Amundsen Ice Bar in Bratislava, Slovakia

Khloë was overwhelmingly chosen by our fans and readers as their Playmate of the Year 2014. For those who are only meeting her now, you’ve been missing out. And for those of you who’ve already had the pleasure of meeting her in person, you’ll know that Khloë is more than just a centerfold. At 5’8”, she’s a green-eyed dynamo with legs for Africa, as we say, and a body to die for. She’s charming and funny and smart. Since her debut with us in June 2013, we’ve hardly been able to keep up with her global travels and we are delighted to be part of her journey.

When we asked Khloë what her ideal shoot for Playmate of the Year would be, she told us she wanted to do something she’d never done before in a country and a location she’d never been to. Since she believes the best part of life is traveling, exploring, and experiencing new things, places, people, and cultures, we set her free to design her own shoot. And she ended up in a place many of us will only dream of going – the Amundsen Ice Bar in Bratislava, Slovakia.This iconic shoot will take your breath away. We’re just surprised the ice didn’t melt in the heat of her presence.


PLAYBOY: Where did you grow up?

I am the eldest daughter with four amazing little brothers and the newest addition to my family is my half-sister, baby Liv. I’m Canadian with a Dutch and Italian mixed background. I am very, very active because of my amazing brothers and I love sports! One of my little brothers, James, has Autism, which has taught me so much about children with special needs. He is probably the smartest person I know.My charity of course is Autism Awareness but I also love giving back to anyone in need. 

PLAYBOY: How did you first get involved with PLAYBOY?

This is how I got involved with PLAYBOY to begin with and it’s the story of how I first became a Playmate! I got invited to the 10-year anniversary party of PLAYBOY Mexico back in 2012 and I was backstage where I saw an enormous, beautiful cake much bigger than me. I stayed backstage and watched as their Playmate of the Year climbed into the cake. I was in awe. This cake was so beautiful and decorated with a huge Bunny and a big 10! Unfortunately (for her), the current Playmate felt claustrophobic inside of the cake and decided she did not want to follow through with being carried outside into the party and jumping out when the clock struck 12. As they tried to figure out who would go in, I simply offered myself and they were happy to have me as their replacement. Long story short, this is one of the most memorable moments of my life and it came by utter fluke. I got carried out into the party (inside of the cake) and as soon as I jumped out the crowd cheered. For the first time in my modeling career all eyes were on me. Silly me – I didn’t wear any underwear that night, and a photographer for PLAYBOY Mexico caught a photo of me flashing the crowd as I climbed out of the cake! The following day I received an email from an editor of the magazine with the photo attached saying I was going to become a Playmate – I must have left a good impression on the party! And within four days I shot my first ever centerfold to become PLAYBOY Mexico’s Miss February 2013!

PLAYBOY: We know you’re one of the regular “Painted Ladies” at The PLAYBOY Mansion. What does it feel like to get painted?

Hugh Hefner hand-picks a group of girls out of hundreds of applications to be a Painted Lady of the PLAYBOY Mansion! It is quite the honor to be one of his chosen girls and it is an experience like no other. I love being painted. It’s so much fun. You do have to be very comfortable with your body, but we all are as PLAYBOY models and Playmates! I can’t wait for the next parties. I literally count down the days! That is how much I love my job!!! The painter, Mark Frazier, has been painting the ladies of the Mansion for longer than I’ve been on this earth. When you are involved withPLAYBOY you really realize it’s one big family that just keeps growing.

PLAYBOY: Who are three of your favorite Playmate of the Year models?

KHLOË: Jenny McCarthy: Not only is she one of the most beautiful playmates I’ve ever seen, she just recently did a cover spread for PLAYBOY! Still beautiful and rocking it at 40-years-old, she is such an inspiration! If I look even remotely close to as amazing she does at 40 I would truly be blessed. She encourages such a healthy life style and has built such a huge empire and career after PLAYBOY but she always has stayed close to the brand and remembers where she came from. Not to mention she has a son with Autism and has made huge strides in Autism Awareness and travels the world on Autism seminars to teach and educate people. I’ve read her book and she is truly an inspiration to me.

Jayde Nicole: She was raised in the hometown that my grandparents had their first restaurant in: “Port Perry” a very,very small town outside of the city I’m from! She is a small town celebrity and really put Canada on the map for PLAYBOY in recent years! I’ve always looked up to her, but just over the last year have also become great friends with her. She is a natural beauty inside and out and it’s great to see that she is just as kind-hearted in person as she seems online. She has her own charity and dog foundation called “JNF Foundation” for dog rescue. She’s a fitness junkie and a Canadian Playmate of the Year – another huge inspiration to me.

Last but certainly not least, Alexis Fox, Playmate of the Year 2013 who is passing her title down to me. From the second we met we hit it off. She’s an amazing woman. Kind-hearted and well-rounded. She opened her house to me and we really connected. I really am so thankful to have such an amazing PMOY sister to look up to. We plan to go Disneyland and to the PLAYBOY Mansion on a little LA trip. She’s a dear friend and I can’t wait to see her again.

PLAYBOY: If I wanted to get to know you better what drink could I buy you?

If you wanted to know me a bit better I think a Jagger Bomb would do! I either love super sweet shots or something straight to the point!

PLAYBOY: Would you ever consider going on a date with a random guy who asked you out over Twitter?

I actually prefer to meet in person before being asked out on a date! I have to be extremely careful because although I do have amazing fans, safety always comes first! But maybe… if you are lucky!!! haha!

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