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Ashleigh Hannah, Miss October 2015

Photography by Cassandra Keyes

From the moment we saw stunner Ashleigh Hannah, we knew she was destined for big things as she has not only beauty but brains as well. Ashleigh is a law student from Australia in her final year of studies, and will soon be defending justice and looking good doing it (that is, if the glamorous world of international modeling doesn’t seduce her first).

For Ashleigh’s shoot, we gave photographer Cassandra Keyes carte blanche and she decided they needed a concept that captured not only Ashleigh’s gorgeous body but also the strength of her character. And nothing says that more than the look of a multinational woman of mystery. They chose Catalina Island, arriving in style via helicopter, and then exploring the coastline on a working trawler before heading back into the ritzy harbor of Santa Catalina where they shot on a luxury boat under the walls of the art deco casino. It might have ended there, but they were having so much fun they headed up the cliffs high above the old town of Avalon for the final shots of Ashleigh as the sun set into the infinite Pacific Ocean. The world is certainly not enough for the charming Miss October.



What are your professional ambitions: I’m in my final year at law school and hope to one day practice in humanitarian law. In the mean time, I’m really loving the opportunities and experiences that have become available to me through modeling and I’m definitely going to pursue modeling as far as I can take it.

Turn-ons: The biggest turn-on for me is someone who is a great conversationalist. A good vocabulary and a great smile go a long way too.

Turn-offs: Ignorance.

Dream date: My dream date would be doing something adventurous and unique. I’m all about new and exciting experiences, so anyone who is going to provide that is likely to get a second date.

Three things I can’t live without: great books, great food and great music.

My guilty pleasure: Good quality ice cream!

Happiness is: A loving, unconditional support network of family and friends.

I’m not embarrassed to say: I’m a big sci-fi geek.

Sexy is: Being comfortable and proud of your body. Caring for and nurturing your body. Being open to learning and listening.

Posing for PLAYBOY was: so incredible! Cassandra Keyes and I always have a lot of fun, and our shoot at Catalina Island was no exception. We had an incredible day drinking cocktails, swimming in the ocean and running wild around the island.

Someone I look up to: My mum is an incredibly ambitious woman. She has overcome insurmountable obstacles throughout her life and is both a devoted, loving mother and successful career woman. She inspires me daily.

Favorite quote: “I don’t mind living in a man’s world as long as I can be a woman in it.” – Marilyn Monroe

  • Bust:  34DD
  • Waist: 24
  • Hips: 34
  • Height: 173cm
  • Weight: 53kg
  • Birth Date: 28 July 1992
  • Birthplace: New South Wales, Australia



ASHLEIGH HANNAH can be seen in Playboy South Africa, September/October 2015

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