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What are your professional ambitions? I’m proud to say that I succeeded in getting my 4 year bachelor degree in nursing science thus making it possible for me to give a little bit back to the community. I am also currently studying law and hope that one day I can pursue my dream of becoming a successful lawyer. Thirdly but not last I would like to initiate some of my business ideas such as starting my own old age home and then lastly succeeding in my passion, modelling.

Turn-ons: Mmm, not sure if my 7 pager is going to fit in here (grin) but I just love a sweet, “old school” guy that makes me feel special. I suppose personality is key but tend to find a guy attractive if he is brainy, confident and driven; someone who makes me laugh and make me feel like a princess; and lastly who takes care of his body and smells nice. Oh and sexy lips, eyes, hands and legs are always a plus.

Turn-offs: Unhygienic guys…sis man clean those nails and use deodorant.

My dream date: Somewhere where I can see the city lights flickering in the distance while I’m lying on my back watching the stars with the perfect guy next to me. Breathing in the fresh air on top of a mountain that’s surrounded by the ocean.

Favourite Music: I like a great variety of music mostly depending on my mood. I love music that makes me want to dance and then something more classical for when I’m studying but I must say I really enjoy country music especially when I’m alone in my car thinking.

Worst job I had before modelling: Cleaning the bathrooms at home and no it’s not a Cinderella story.

Adventurous foods I have tried: “Mopanie worms” and “Bokkoms” not sure if I want to classify it as food though!

Three things I can’t live without: Sheesh, can’t decide uhm…. I will go with Jesus, my dog and my phone (with navigation on)… this is now if there is oxygen and food otherwise I suppose I should scratch the dog and the phone… haha

My guilty pleasure: Zoo Cookies (It goes well with a movie and shopping, usually what I do when I want to be left alone)

My favourite food: Anything unhealthy, but I’m working on it, promise!

My biggest fear is: Think this one I will keep to myself.

Get me a plane ticket to: Greece or Bora Bora

If I could change anything: I would change all the horrible things people and animals have to go through. I wish I can change people so that they will stop abuse, especially on animals and children.

Happiness is: being content with who you are and what you have.

Posing for Playboy was: Something I always wanted to do!

My current crush is: Ian Somerhalder

Favourite quote: There will be a moment in your life where you’ll just want to give up but you must push yourself to continue. It’s those moments that make us stronger and make that next moment just a little easier. Never give up on yourself and others will never give up on you.

  • Bust: 32 B
  • Waist: 32
  • Hips: 34
  • Height: 1.68


Emily can be seen in Playboy South Africa October 2013


See Emily’s Behind The Scenes video teaser here:

Photography: Xavier Saer http://www.xaviersaerphotography.comhttp://www.facebook.com/xavier.saer
Location: The Sands Sandton
Makeup & Hair: Jenny Shipton
Facebook: www.facebook.com/dagenabeauty
Stylist: Adrian Furstenburg
BTS Video by: Dirk Hannes van den Berg – Vida Brava

Clothing sponsors: Oreb Eastgate, Xogo Cresta, Xogo Park Meadows, Lola Montez Sandton, Preview Sandton, Europa Art Shoes Sandton