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It’s possible that Miss October, Hannah Elizabeth, was born in the wrong decade given her adoration for all things 1950s, including the sexiest icon of that era – Marilyn Monroe. Which is why we loved this pin-up style pictorial. But Hannah’s a modern woman too, and we’re glad she’s a child of the 1990s, living life to the fullest and having a blast across the world – from the Mansion to the mats of the EFC. Hannah has won a number of international bikini contests but posing for PLAYBOY was, she exclaims, “A dream come true! I’ve always admired the Playmates since I was young so featuring in the biggest and best means everything to me.” Being in front of the camera is where she feels at her sexiest, she says. And we have to agree.

What are your professional ambitions: I want to continue to do well in my modeling, including posing for the US PLAYBOY. I’d love to star in a horror movie. And have my own lingerie business.

Turn-ons: Someone who makes me laugh, neck kisses, tattoos.

Turn-offs: Erm! If the first impression is a bad one, it definitely is the last.

My dream date: Tom Hardy.

People I’d like to meet: If they were still alive: Marilyn Monroe and Bob Marley.

Three things I can’t live without: Beautywise: a curly hair brush, lip-liner and a good moisturizer

My guilty pleasure: A good girly pamper.

My favorite food: Italian/pasta.

My biggest fear is: Spiders!

Get me a plane ticket to: South Africa, to meet the PLAYBOY family.

Happiness is: Just being happy and healthy and having good family and friends.

I’m not embarrassed to say: I love to rap gangsta tunes

Posing for Playboy was: A dream come true. I’ve always admired the Playmates since I was young so posing for the biggest and best means everything to me.

If I could change anything it would be: To stop the haters “hating.”

Someone I look up to: Marilyn Monroe and the amazing 1950s pin-up style.

Favorite quote: “If you can make a girl laugh, you can make her do anything.” – Marilyn Monroe.

Please tell us if you have any connection to or knowledge about South Africa? What would you do if given the opportunity to travel here? South Africa is renowned for top soccer, rugby and cricket teams. Stephen Pienaar, soccer player, plays for my favorite UK team – Everton FC.


  • Bust:30G
  • Waist: 24”
  • Hips: 32”
  • Height: 5’ 5”

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