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Photography by Leah Hawker (http://www.leahhawker.co.za/)


AMBITIONS: I want to be successful at anything I tackle. To go as far as possible with my modelling. If not, then in something that I’m passionate about; perhaps in makeup, hair or fashion.

TURN-ONS: Personality. Humour. Intelligence. Ambition. Drive. Success. Good physique. Healthy body conscious (his and mine)

TURN-OFFS: Bad teeth, nail biting, long hair, facial hair.

MY GO-TO FEEL-GOOD RECIPE: I’m quite a movie buff. I love sitcoms and cinema. Ballroom and latin dancing. Even though I’m a social butterfly I still like a good read and a bit of writing.

MY IDEAL DATE: Glamorous beyond expectation. Being driven to a great restaurant, good food, ambience, great conversation, and then on to something more vibey. Flowers never hurt.

TV ADDICTIONS: CSI, Law and Order, Bones and plenty of reality TV.

MUSICAL PASSION: I love contemporary music and listen to the radio a lot, especially good sing-a-long songs!

FAVOURITE NOVELS: I enjoy James Patterson’s work and good autobiographies. The last one I read was by McKenzie Phillips, the daughter of Mammas & Papas band members.

•    Height: 161cm
•    Weight: 45kg
•    Bust: 34C
•    Waist: 63cm
•    Hips: 79cm


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