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AMBITIONS: To be in a PLAYBOY magazine! I also dream of being a Victoria’s Secret model… To have as much fun as possible while I’m alive and help others have fun too. To travel to as many exotic locations as possible.

TURN-ONS: Kindness, vulnerability, a sexy bum, must enjoy the beach, be able to keep up with me on the dance floor, have nice hands, be affectionate, humble, intelligent and get along with my friends.

TURN-OFFS: Laziness, lack of ambition, body odour and being a loudmouth. Oh, and a big turn-off is drugs – it’s so last season.

MY GO-TO-FEEL-GOOD RECIPE: I love a long day on the beach bodyboarding, surfing and tanning. I love to hit the gym with friends and enjoy a sweaty aerobics or Tae Bo class. On rainy days there is nothing better than snuggling on the couch and movies and…

MY DREAM DATE: Being surprised with a helicopter or hot air balloon ride and landing near a waterfall where we spend the day swimming naked and drinking champagne with some sushi and oysters.

TV ADDICTIONS: Californication, True Blood, So You Think You Can Dance, Breaking Bad, Entourage, Twilight! Dirty Dancing (my nickname is Baby… “no one puts Baby in a corner”), Legends of the fall.

MUSICAL PASSION: Pretty much anything I can sing and dance to (from the 80s), Bon Jovi, Killers, Kings of Leon, Jane’s addiction, Them Crooked Vultures, Johnny Cash…The list goes on.

FAVOURITE NOVELS: All Paulo Coelho books, The Help by Kathryn Stockett, The Twilight series (I have a vampire fetish).


• Height: 174cm

• Weight: 58kg

• Bust: 34 D

• Waist: 73cm

• Hips: 96cm

Kate can be seen in:

Playboy Magazine South Africa March 2012

Kate is a beach babe of note, and a professional one too – as the official videographer for some of the hottest big wave surfers in the country. It’s a job she takes quite seriously but she also knows how to laugh at herself. She shared this video of her losing her bikini top while trying to surf with us:

One Wave Wonder entry – Kate Lovemore, straight-hander to lost bikini dismount from Zag Tv on Vimeo.


Kate is also and Island Style model, see her video here or below: