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What are your professional ambitions? I would like to become a professional model and also maybe have my own business seeing as I studied Business Management.

Turn-ons: A guy that smells nice, a muscular body is extremely sexy with tattoos, and a cute ass. He must be mature but also have a good sense of humour and he should be successful in whatever career he has. I also love a guy with nice hands.

Turn-offs: Too much facial hair, being conceited, having bad breath and dirty nails.

My dream date: Someone who is going to wait for me to get done dressing. We could go to a beautiful restaurant, then take a stroll on the beach hand-in-hand (if it’s not raining). Otherwise I’d enjoy going to a club, having a few drinks and dancing the whole night.

My guilty pleasure: Chocolate!

My favourite food: I just love anything with tomatoes.

My biggest fear is: Becoming old…

Get me a plane ticket to: Miami!

If I could change anything: I would not change anything about me. Nobody is perfect so why would you want to please others who are not perfect as well. I love myself with flaws and all.

Happiness is: Loving yourself, family and friends and always doing what you want because life is to short.

I’m not embarrassed to say: I have a weird small finger.

Sexy is: Wearing any outfit and knowing you look good in it.

Posing for Playboy was: AMAZING

My current crush is: Cristiano Ronaldo

Someone I look up to: My brother because he is someone I knew my whole life and he always tries to live his life doing what makes him happy and even if he sometimes fails he always gets up with a BANG.

Favourite quote: Let go and Let God

  • Bust: 32 B
  • Waist: 65cm
  • Hips: 85cm
  • Height: 1.76


Photography by Leah Hawker

Leonie can be seen in Playboy South Africa magazine July 2013