For a first in their history, PLAYBOY Slovenia has published a Playmate pictorial in 3D and we thought we’d share the fun. To tempt you, we offer you some of the best selections in 2D but you can download our digital edition or contact PLAYBOY Slovenia to purchase this one-of-a-kind edition by emailing

As a teaser to this exciting 3D photoshoot, you can view behind the scenes photos, taken by Gojko Zrimsek.

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Manja Dobrilovič was more than happy to travel for this special photoshoot. Shot on location in Primorska, Slovenia, this charming old village house is located in the heart of the Karst region in a small village, Krajna Vas, only a short drive away from busy Trieste (Italy) and Ljubljana (Slovenia). The house was built more then 150 years ago by a local farmer and restored by the current owners, who renovated every intimate detail. The tranquillity of the garden, rough textures of old stone and crystal clear water provided the perfect setting for photographer Matjaž Tančič to work his magic.

Tančič is a Slovenian photographer, who lives and creates between Beijing and Ljubljana. A graduate of the London College of Fashion, his photojournalistic roots can be sensed in his fashion work as well – the endless pursuit of fresh locations and that moment of spontaneity that is the trademark of journalistic photography. Tančič has 50 group and 22 solo exhibitions in his portfolio to date and won a Sony World Photography Organisation 2013 contest in the 3D category.

Asked what it was like shooting for PLAYBOY, Manja says, “For me it was a new challenge. But the whole team was relaxed, which meant a lot to me, and I became more and more cheerful throughout the shoot. PLAYBOY really treated me like a queen. It was such a memorable day.” And working with renowned photographer Matjaz Tančič? “The photographer is a decisive factor for the model. I felt extremely comfortable with Matjaz, relaxed and full of energy.”

What are your professional ambitions: My ambition is to be a model and a business woman, to travel around the world and to have a job that I like.

Turn-ons: Beautiful, sexy dresses and a handsome man with a warm smile.

Turn-offs: Hypocrites and liars.

My dream date: Sunset on a beach with a right person.

Worst job I had before modelling: Waitress.

People I’d like to meet: Hugh Hefner.

Three things I can’t live without: My love, happiness and health.

My guilty pleasure: I eat too many candies

My favourite food: Fruit and candies

Get me a plane ticket to: Dubai or Rio de Janeiro.

If I could change anything: I would have a better job.

What is the perfect kiss? The perfect kiss is always with the person you love.

What is your passion? Good food with sweet white wine. In romantic moments in sexy underwear.

Happiness is: Being healthy and being loved.

I’m not embarrassed to say: What I like and who I love.

Sexy is: Sexy underwear and high heels.

If I could change anything it would be: Nothing, because everything happens for a reason.

Where do you prefer to go on holiday and with whom? I love to go where nobody knows me. With someone
I love.

What do you want the most? I yearn for love and happiness. You always need that.

  • Height: 172 cm
  • Weight: 57 kg
  • Bust: 90 cm
  • Waist: 66
  • Hips: 87
Photography by Mtjaz Tancic

Editor-in-Chief/Producer/Executive Producer: Borut Omerzel
Art Director: Gojko Zrimšek
3D support: Peter Gedei
Photo postproduction: Aleš Makovec
Assistant photographer: Ales Pirec
Stylist: Petra Rozman 
Makeup artist: Martina Vrhovnik fot T SPOT Studio
Makeup artist assistant: Miša Murgelj

Manja can be seen in Playboy South Africa magazine September 2013