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What are your professional ambitions: I achieved more than I ever thought possible in modelling. Covers, 3 centrefolds and billboards! So now I am looking at writing a book!

Turn-ons: Champagne, sun, beaches and my boyfriend. Sorry boys!

Turn-offs: Arrogance, fake people, and laziness.

My dream date: Drinks on the beach watching the sun set.

Worst job I had before modelling: No job is bad! It’s better to work doing anything rather than being lazy and idle.

People I’d like to meet: Hugh Jackman. I saw an interview with him and he loves his wife so much! I would love to know how they kept the family so strong whilst dealing with ‘Hollywood’

Three things I can’t live without: The internet, sunshine and my family.

My guilty pleasure: chocolate

My biggest fear is: I have no fears. When bad things happen, a reason usually emerges down one’s path at some stage. I’m a big believer in everything happens for a reason’

Get me a plane ticket to: Bora Bora!

If I could change anything: I may give myself more time in the day!

Happiness is: self acceptance, knowing you always do the best you can and inner peace.

We asked Maria about her first time in South Africa, when Playboy South Africa first launched in April 2011.

Oh my gosh! My time in South Africa was amazing! The whole Playboy team were warm, friendly and looked after me so well! I adore Cape Town and could definitely live there! When I was in town the Playboy team organized a chef’s dinner around my shoot and I made a speech which I hope summed my time with Playboy up well. I went on a small safari, went diving with the great white sharks which was amazing, and I swam in the sea with penguins too! The South African food was delicious and I tried most things local to the area thanks to my friend Darryl and his lovely wife and daughter when he took me to dine in a tree house in the wine country. The whole country is beautiful and I would love to return soon. The people of South Africa are very friendly, natural and genuine. The women are strong, beautiful and natural. The men are genuine, fun and have sexy accents! If I returned I would love to see Johannesburg, drive the garden route and visit the local vineyards. There is so much to do in South Africa I am sure I would not get everything done I would like to.


  • Bust: 32 E
  • Waist: 24”
  • Hips: 34”
  • Height: 5’9”
  • Weight: 120 lbs

Maria can be seen in Playboy South Africa magazine August 2013

Photographer: Dr. Dan Yahnian www.theplanetdan.com / www.facebook.com/drdanprophoto
MUA, Lindsey Ambrosio
Lingerie provided by: Posh Lingerie, www.poshlingerie.net
Photo assistants :  Tim Fiedler and James Cooper
BTS Video: Paul Peregrine