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AMBITIONS: To be a hard working, well known and admired model. To be a great paediatrician one day, maybe a good lawyer and to be very successful in achieving all my goals.

TURN-ONS: Definitely a true gentleman!! With Spanish eyes, a nice ass, arms big enough to pick me up and dark, soft hair that is just long enough to be pulled! ☺

TURN-OFFS: A big ego, thinking that you know me when you don’t, lying, cheating, disrespect, being fake or trying to impress too much. Also guys who have an obsession with porn!

MY GO-TO-FEEL-GOOD RECIPE: Just relaxing, maybe at the beach, watching movies, being with my family, reading a magazine and eating. ☺

MY DREAM DATE: Anywhere with Enrique Iglesias (LOL)! An ideal date would have to be extremely romantic, like starting with a cruise to a private beautiful island, then heading to a stunning safari lodge and ending off with a night in Rome! ☺

FAVOURITE MOVIES & TV: 90210, Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars, etc. Horror movies and romantic movies.

FAVOURITE MUSIC: Enrique Iglesias, Neyo, Pitbull and Christina Aguilera.

PEOPLE I’D LIKE TO MEET: Enrique Iglesias, Johnny Depp, Alessandra Ambrossio, Channing Tatum, Janice Dickinson, Nelson Mandela, Hitler, Christiaan Barnard and Shakespeare

I’M NOT EMBARRASSED TO SAY: I still like to go into those big toyshops… oh and that I have 15 cats.

SEXY IS: Confidence and attitude. It’s a feeling that shines from the inside out. To look sexy you need to feel sexy!


  •      Height: 173cm
  •      Weight: 55kg
  •      Bust: 32B
  •      Lingerie Size: 8
  •      Shoe Size: 5


Aamz can be seen in:

Playboy Magazine South Africa May 2012