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AMBITIONS: I want to be a superhero! Hehe, no I just want to be successful in whatever I do in life. Would love a career that allows me to travel the world. Would love to get my CCNA certification. But most important I want to live my life to the fullest and do everything I want to and love.

TURN-ONS: Definitely like someone with confidence, who looks after himself and who treats others with respect and decency. Physical attractions I would say is definitely a warm smile and eyes.

TURN-OFFS: Don’t much like arrogance or someone who negelects to look after his personal hygiene and grooming. Rudeness, negativity and disrespect are a definite turn-off.

MY GO-TO-FEEL-GOOD RECIPE: I love spending time i n the gym, nothing like a good workout. Also love hanging out with my best friends playing Xbox games, watching movies or just catching up.

MY DREAM DATE: I would love a picnic in a Japanese Garden with sushi a n d good conversation, preferably at night when the stars a re at their brightest.

MOVIE ADDICTIONS: Favourite movie of all time is Fifth Element. I love fantasy, anime, sci-fi, comedy and action. Favourites T V show Dark Angel and NCIS.

MUSICAL PASSION: I’ m addicted to alternative music and my favourite band is Chevelle. Love to explore other genres as well.

FAVOURITE NOVELS: Don’t have much time for reading, but favourite novel is The Angel Maker by Ridley Pearson. Also love Stephen King novels and loved Lord of the Rings (the book more than the movies). Also love to read PC and console gaming magazines from time to time.


  •      Height: 179cm
  •      Weight: 70kg
  •      Bust: 34 C
  •      Waist: 76cm
  •      Hips: 89cm



Yolandi can be seen in:
Playboy Magazine South Africa February 2012