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Step closer gentlemen. But tread carefully. Miss April Nikki du Plessis is a South African woman through and through. She’s adventurous and admits to being a bit of a “wild child” but she’s warm-hearted and loves a little romance too. She says she was a tomboy until the age of 13 but “I’m proud of that because it made me tough and gave me the guts to be a go-getter.” And go get ‘em she has. Guest photographer Danny Steyn (also a South African) says he’s been a pro glamour photographer for more than 30 years and Nikki is “one of those who stands out from the rest.” We’re delighted to have her join the PLAYBOY South Africa family and watch her star rise.

What are your professional ambitions: After my first South African Playmate title, I’d like to win Playmate of the Year and I want to be Playmate for more countries if I’m fortunate enough. For now, this is what I’m focusing on.

Turn-ons: A man that smells good and looks good with a rugged twist.

Turn-offs: Bad teeth!

My dream date: Taking our motorcycles for a drive in the country side and then spending the night in beautiful lodge in the mountains which involves a lot of red wine, a fireplace and not much talking!

Favourite Movies: **Wolf of Wall Street** and **The Great Gatsby**.

Favourite Music: Rock and New Age.

Worst job I had before modelling: I was a waitress at a well known pub and hated it.

People I’d like to meet: Honestly, I hope I get the chance to meet Hugh Hefner. He’s such an interesting man!

Adventurous foods I have tried: Tom Yam Kung in Thailand. It made me sick as hell!

Three things I can’t live without: Hair conditioner, heels and sex!

My favourite food: Sushi and fillet steak.

My biggest fear is: Spiders!

Happiness is: Life!

I’m not embarrassed to say: That I’m a little bit crazy…

Sexy is: Black lingerie, stockings and stilettos with a seductive look.

Posing for Playboy was: Freaking awesome! It was the most fun I’ve had with my clothes on and off… Haha!

My current crush is: The actor from the movie **Rush** about a Formula 1 driver – Chris Hemsworth.

Someone I look up to: My best friend. He reminds me everyday what life is all about.

Favourite quote: It’s better to be hated for who you are, than to be loved for who you are not. – Kurt Cobain

Bust: 81cm

Waist: 66cm

Hips: 81cm

Height: 1.66

Weight: 53kg


PHOTOGRAPHER: Danny Steyn, www.dannysteyn.com / https://facebook.com/DannySteynPhotography 
MUA: France Mallet / www.francemalletmakeupartist.blogspot.com
ASSISTANT: Franklin Montenegro

Nikki can be seen in PLAYBOY SOUTH AFRICA APRIL 2014