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Rosie Vandenberg, Miss April 2016


It was Rosie’s mother who inspired her daughter’s sense of adventure, having left South Africa for Australia and arriving via boat after a long trip at sea. Her wanderlust took them far and wide, with Rosie and her sister zig-zagging across Australia and experiencing life as one great journey. Nowadays, Rosie is into health and fitness and loves any sort of travel. In this pictorial, photographer Cassandra Keyes took her to the vast, open fields of New Zealand. With her carefree personality and bohemian look, Rosie’s soft and sensual nature speaks volumes in contrast to the vintage tank – a rugged iron of a weapon of war. Should Rosie show up in the midst of any military conflict, we think she’d persuade any soldier to surrender his pistol.


What are your professional ambitions? I am currently enjoying working in the finance sector which I do enjoy; however, my dream would be to set up a school for disadvantaged children as I believe access to education is an inherent right.

Turn-ons: A good vocabulary, well groomed, a man in uniform and a man that can take control.

Turn-offs: Arrogance, bad manners and bad hygiene.

My dream date: I enjoy the simple things in life. I’m happy with a nice glass of wine and a good view. It’s more important that the chemistry of the person I’m with works.

PBSA_MARAPR-2016_Cover_NON-Nude_SmlPeople I’d like to meet: Martin Luther King, Barack Obama, Tupac Shakur, Dalai Lama and Angelina Jolie – all very inspiring people to me who were an advocate for change.

Three things I can’t live without: A good massage, my personal trainer and a good book.

My guilty pleasure: I do enjoy an erotic novel from time to time.

If I could change anything: World poverty

Happiness is: Loving yourself and being kind to others. I believe every person from every walk of life deserves the exact same amount of respect.

Sexy is: Confidence and charisma. It starts with your walk and how you speak. Intelligence is a huge part of being sexy in my eyes.

Favorite quote: “If I’d observed all the rules, I’d never have gotten anywhere.” – Marilyn Monroe

  • Bust: 93cm
  • Waist: 66cm
  • Hips: 95.5cm
  • Height: 167
  • Eye color: green
  • Birth Date: 21 March 1991
  • Birthplace: Hobart, Australia


ROSIE can be seen in Playboy South Africa March/April 2016


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