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AMBITIONS: To make money and build a modelling career.

TURN-ONS: Quiet confidence, eye contact, a take charge and in control kind of guy, and a gym boy is always good.

TURN-OFFS: Beer belly!!! Dirty shoes and being late.

MY GO-TO-FEEL-GOOD RECIPE: My Gran’s potatoes.

MY DREAM DATE: A man who can take his home and turn it into a romantic dinner, make the effort with flowers and candles, create a good vibe with good music and then offer dessert would win the “dream date” trophy.

FAVOURITE MUSIC: From Lil’ Wayne to MJ, to Katy Perry to MIA to Kings of Leon… Bruno Mars and Snoop Dogg and Usher… the list goes on!

PEOPLE I’D LIKE TO MEET: Trevor Noah, Dalai Lama.


• Height: 166cm
• Weight: 57kg
• Bust: 36C
• Waist: 63cm


Roxane can be seen in:
Playboy Magazine South Africa July 2012

See Roxane’s Behind The Scenes video right here: