In 1998 Memeza was SA’s best-selling album. According to a BBC obit after her death in 2004, Brenda said the Chicco Twala-produced Memeza best summed up her life. “Memeza – it means ‘Scream,’ ‘Shout’,” she said in 1999. “I’d been shouting and shouting and no one wanted to hear me. When I sing this song, I want to cry.”

When I listen to this song, I feel a mist over my eyes too. But how does the rest of the album sound 13-14 years later? You can understand why the ANC used the wedding song “Vul’indlela” as a campaign song during the ’99 election – it still cooks. “Sum’ bulala” is still touching, as are the rest of the tracks on the album. Ma Brrr remains a true legend.