Victoria’s Secret Models Are Working Really Hard to Look Good for the Runway Show

By Lisa Beebe

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show takes place in Shanghai this year, and the lingerie extravaganza will air on CBS on Tuesday, November 28. The big event is just over a month away, and the models are training hard to be in their best possible shape for the show.

Since Victoria’s Secret also has a line of workout gear, they’re getting in on the fitness action, too. The company has been posting a series of videos called Train Like an Angelthat show otherworldly women with familiar names like Lais Ribiero, Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio and Martha Hunt talking about (and demonstrating) how they stay in shape. It’s clearly an effort to put a certain point across: Angels aren’t starving themselves; they’re strong and they hit the gym like athletes. Here’s Ribiero working out with her trainer, while wearing Victoria Sport, of course:

Alessandra Ambrosio told W Magazine she works out all year, but that she trains extra hard before the runway show. She said she and the other Victoria’s Secret models regularly talk to each other about their workouts. “I’ve tried many of the workouts that the other girls do or beauty treatments they like. There’s always something new. It is fun to share and it’s fun to try other things, especially when you are in different cities, and you can ask what is good there.”

Martha Hunt told E Online that she works out up to four times a week leading up to the show. She also confessed that she has plenty of guilty pleasures, saying, “I pretty much eat everything. I have a thousand cheat foods.”

Elsa Hosk posted a set of photos that show her doing an intense Pilates workout to help maintain her angelic physique:

Angels Jasmine Tookes and Josephine Skriver have a special Instagram account (@joja) where they post videos of themselves working out. Here’s Tookes using a park bench to do Bulgarian squats:

And here’s Skriver, showing off a challenging move that combines boxing and planks:

Over the weekend, Brazilian models Gizele Oliveira and Bruna Lirio, who are both returning to the show, posted a photo of themselves at the gym together:

Kelly Gale is also training hard for her repeat appearance on the runway, and her Instagram is full of gym selfies and exercise demonstrations like this one:

 French-Chinese model Estelle Chen, who will be making her Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show debut this year, told W Magazine that three weeks before this year’s castings, she started training rigorously with boxing, pilates, weightlifting and crossfit. She said, “It was really tough, because I was never that much into working out.”

Another first-timer is Victoria Lee, who shared several video clips of herself working out with resistance bands

Those are just a few of the 62 models who’ve been confirmed for this year’s show. The list also includes supermodels Bella and Gigi Hadid, as well as plenty of new faces.