It’s been just over a month since Famous in Love star Bella Thorne posted a photo of herself making out with YouTuber Tana Mongeau, and now they’re getting romantic again—this time in Mongeau’s new music video, “Hefner,” an unabashed, if not shameless homage to Playboy’s founder and his lifelong appreciation of beautiful women.. undefined

“Hefner” kicks off with the line, “All these bitches out here trying to be a Playmate, but I wanna be Hugh Hefner.” In the video, which is a study in quetionable taste, Mongeau wears a Hefner-style smoking jacket, and wakes up surrounded by women in bunny ears, which all begs the question: Is imitation the sincerest form of flattery? Her phone is ringing, and it’s Bella Thorne. Later in the video, the two women make out on a bed. Bella Thorne wears bunny ears in the video, and fun fact: While Thorne isn’t a Playmate, she has posed for Playboy.

The song is the 19-year-old video blogger’s rap debut, and with lyrics like “Got my name all in your mouth, Yeah, your tweet just gave me Klout,” and “Yo, I fucked your bitch, I’m sorry I’m rich and you’re not,” she’s no Nicki Minaj. That said, the video, saved only by the presence of Thorne, does have some attractive visuals. A few highlights:

This is the second music video of the week in which Bella Thorne plays the love interest. She also stars in Liam Payne’s new “Bedroom Floor” video. In real life, Thorne is currently dating rapper Mod Sun, but she and Tana Mongeau continue to have a close relationship, judging by the pictures they’ve been posting on Instagram: