Isabela Amado is a beauty without limits

Photography: Fabito Gomez 
Isabela Amado is making the waves with her stunningly gorgeous looks and electric personality. We caught up with the beauty to find just what makes this stunner tick and here is what she had to say:
Describe yourself in 140 characters.
Let’s use just a few: unique.
Highlights Of Your modeling career?
My career started with a reality show that was a beauty pageant in Colombia.
Then, I moved to Miami and work as a model for recognized brands in the fashion industry.  After that, I participated in another reality show in Las Vegas where I was the first colombian working for UFC as an Octagong Girl. It was amazing!
Also, I’ve been the image of different swimwear designers and beauty products.
Nowadays, I’m working on a few personal projects in fashion and jewelry industry and there’re a couple of movies on development too.
What is you typical day like?
Waking up…. Listening to my favorite playlist of the week on spotify. Cooking my breakfast and getting ready for the gym, castings and work appointments. By the end of the day I could hang up with some friends or just chill at home watching a movie or cooking.
If you could choose a famous man to spend all night who would you choose and why? 
The Prince of Dubai. I follow him on ig and he seems to have such a fun life between extreme sports, photography and cool animals.
Name something sexual or sexy that you haven’t done but always wanted to do?
To swim naked in the Mediterranean Sea.
Would you ever consider dating someone you met via social media?
I’m not sure I don’t think so. I prefer to date someone that at least one of my friends known.
What is a perfect evening/night like for you?
A beautiful sunset, good music, a good conversation and if it’s possible, wine and dessert.
Spicy question… talking about kinky desires… one you fulfilled and one you are still waiting to fulfill
Making love on the beach under the moonlight: check 🙂
What is the “perfect” recipe for love?  
Passion, loyalty, good communication and respect.
What turns you on in a man and what turns you off?
ON: a sexy smile, character and a good perfume.
OFF: An arrogant behavior and bad higiene.