January Playmate Kayla Garvin’s Most Seductive Outtakes

  • By Dove Shore

    Soft, sexy and with the sensitive heart of an artist: Your January 2018 Playmate’s pictorial, shot by photographer Dove Shore in Los Angeles, is perfectly suited to her inherently sweet personality and sense of creativity. While she’s a model by trade, Kayla Jean Garvin’s true passion is for art and photography. “I never planned on modeling. I always knew, whatever I did, I wanted to be artistic in some way. I went to college, majoring in psychology with a minor in art. I was going to go to grad school to get a master’s in art therapy, the Eugene, Oregon native continues. “Lately, I’ve been doing a lot more abstract art. I’m a perfectionist, which isn’t always a good thing, so it makes me feel free. It doesn’t have to be perfect. I can just let it all out. I just go with whatever I’m feeling.”

    Photography by Dove Shore.