Miss January Bridget Malcolm’s Playboy Shoot Unveiled

  • We can’t think of a better person to celebrate Valentines with than Miss January Bridget Malcolm. The Australian-born model, who you might recognize from Victoria’s Secret 2016 Fashion Show, combines her quinessential blonde and blue-eyed looks with a zest for life that’s hard to ignore.

    Raised in Perth, Malcolm has been modeling since she was scouted at 16, but she has a reflective side, sans glitter and mirror balls. She’s a classically trained oboist, and she says, “My dream is to transition into being a working classical musician.” The ardent vegan also has her health-and-wellness blog, where she shares tips and wisdom on living well.

    Check out the photos from Bridget’s sparkly Playboy editorial, then watch her behind-the-scenes video here.

    Photography by Jason Lee Parry.

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