Burning Red HOT!

with Dima Tina

Photographer Amer mohamad / @shootmeamer Amermohamad.com

Hair and makeup  @veneramazurenko

Model tina  @lendomonda

Dimitry Averyanov @dm_averyanov

It’s such an honour to have you as our cover. How did you prepare for this shoot? Two weeks of string gym and cardio plus dieting.

What has been the most exciting part of your journey as a model? Being shot by Bruce Weber last year. That’s major for me.

What are some of the things that keep you motivated to do what you do? Doing what I’m doing, and the different jobs I do. 

Keeping in shape can’t be the easiest thing especially in these Covid times, what are some of the things you have done to keep fit? Regular working out at home with my body weight and diet.

What is your biggest aspiration in life from this point on? Being on various covers. 

Given that you have achieved a high standard as a model, what are some of the challenges you have come across in the industry to get to this point? Being seen, there are so many models and the level of competition is so big.

What are your favourite things to do when you are not in front of the camera? Spending time with family and gym. 

Name 3 things you can’t leave the house without? Passport, keys, mask.

Something that we would be surprised to learn about you? I have a son. 

Any last words to our readers that you would like to share? Amer is an amazing talent and a very good friend. He will be something big in the future.