What Are The Best Odds to Bet on Soccer?

Soccer is both the most-watched and wagered on sports worldwide. Many bookmakers offer different soccer betting options. Some of them allow pundits to create accumulators comprising single bets of soccer matches from various leagues. It is important to consider the value of your bet rather than solely focusing on the possible outcome of a specific game. In this article, we discuss the five best odds to wager on soccer.

Last and First Goalscorer Odds

Many amateurs make inaccurate predictions of the first and late goal scorers. It is prudent not to have high hopes of making huge profits from it. Instead, consider these odds when you are betting for fun. Typically, key players have less first goalscorer odds compared to infamous players. At times, all players have similar last goalscorer odds.

Draw No Bet Odds

Pundits who love wagering on either the home or away teams love the draw no bet odds. Some of them choose several lucky numbers when they play lotteries. The draw no bet option is more profitable compared to the three-way win, as the bookmaker will refund you if a soccer match will end as a draw. Yet, it has fewer odds than outright win wagers.

Double Chance Odds

The market has three betting options; home or away, home or draw, away or draw. It is a safe option as it allows you to predict the two most likely outcomes for any game. Generally, the underdog or draw option has higher odds than the favorite or draw. Also, the win-draw-win option has higher odds than the double chance market.

Correct Score Odds

Correct score bets entail predicting the precise final score of any game including the total goals that either side will score. The market has higher odds than most betting options, as it is hard to predict. Each possible correct score has certain odds. For instance, if Liverpool is playing Arsenal, a betting firm can give the following wagering options:

Liverpool 1-0, 7.5

Draw 1-1, 18.0

Liverpool 2-0, 7.00

Arsenal 1-0, 26.00

Liverpool 2-1, 23.00

Arsenal 2-0, 56.00

Draw 0-0, 15.00

Arsenal 2-1, 23.00

Outcomes with the highest odds have the least probability of occurring. Even so, if two players from the favorites are either given a red card or sustain serious injuries and leave the pitch, the underdog can score more goals and win the match.

Handicap Odds

A bookmaker can give the favorite a goal disadvantage and the underdog a goal advantage. For instance, if the underdog has an advantage of two goals, it will be leading by two goals when the match will begin. So, the favorite has to lead by three or more goals to win the match. If both teams have skilled players, it is prudent to give one side an advantage of one goal to win the bet in case the match ends as a draw. Many soccer fans believe that they can easily win bets as they often watch different matches. It is advisable to research, check the team line up and weather forecast of the matchday before you place a bet. Also, compare the odds that different bookies provide to place value wagers. Last and first goalscorer, draw no bet, double chance, correct score and handicap, and the most famous soccer odds.