Playmate June 2021

Burning bright with Linda Steadman / @theetotalpackagelin

Photography by Arthur St. John @arthurstjohn

HMUA Taylor Jazz / @taylor_jazz

Location Houdini Estate by Jose Nazar

Welcome back to the Playboy family! This is your 3rd cover, congratulations! What does gracing the cover of Playboy mean to you? It’s a honor and a major a accomplishment for me. I have always wanted to be on the cover of playboy and this being my 3rd shows my drive and resilience.  Playboy has made me feel sexy and has celebrated my unique beauty. This magazine is iconic and in turn makes me iconic. It makes me feel powerful and I love that other black women can see themselves with in me. Even when I was doing high end modeling/ runway; I never felt beautiful/ sexy. Playboy definitely has boosted my confidence and I know I’m sexy beautiful powerful iconic and a threat. I’m glad Im someone that people want to hear from; wang to know what I been up to and what I think. Playboy has made me timeless. Thank you. 

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the iconic Playboy bunny? Playboy was one of the first magazines of its kind. Demanding its respect and dominance over other magazines. Marlyn Monroe was the first cover. I got to be apart of and empire that’s has had hundreds on mega stars grace the cover! I think of class fame sex and strength. I believed in myself which made the world believe in me. Playboy has taken me to millions of peoples homes  and thinking of me around the world. Without ever being there. Playboy put women on pedestal and made men worship them. Weather they  say it or think it behind closed doors. Every time I see a new cover I’m amazed by the different beautiful intelligent women and I’m apart of that sorority. It feels amazing! Sometimes I don’t even feel as if it is real. 

What has changed in your life from your very first cover (Playboy Africa) to your 3rd cover now (Playboy South Africa)? So much has changed. When I first got induced into the playboy family was back in 2017. I have had another PB cover in Australia now this one. I have been a PB centerfold in Italy. I have been featured in two maxim magazines. And have been on the cover of FHM twice and featured twice. I have done a few smaller magazines. I was featured in a song called down by the bay boyz. I have had the opportunity to travel the world. I’ve been able to birth 45 dogs through my kennel @champion_line_kennels ; I breed cane corsos. And now I’m in the real estate industry as well which I love. I have been talking about my book for years but it’s going through it’s last round of editing and I can’t wait to share with you guys. The goal is to release it before 2022. I’ve done a lot of self improvement and been working on myself. I love the woman I am today.It has been an amazing last few years. 

Have you ever been to Africa? If not, which country would you like to visit and why? Of course I have. I’m part Senegalese and have visited there to visit family. I do definitely want to explore more of Africa. I want to spend a few weeks in South Africa. I want to explore everything about your country!! I want to go on a road trip; go on safari, scuba diving, whale watch, see the penguins, try the food. Now that Covid is starting to come closer to the end hopefully I can take a trip in 2022 in the spring. 

It is truly incredible to have an African-American model on the cover of our Playboy South Africa. how significant is this accomplishment? It is remarkable. I feel honored to to be on the cover of this edition of playboy South Africa. There has been a lot of changes happening in South Africa. And during this time I love to be a symbol to women and men. 

Being a mother, how do you find the time to balance modeling/entertaintment and raising a child? I think modeling has gave me the freedom to be around my child more and take him on some really cool adventures. When you love what you do it also makes you happy and I think happy moms are the best moms. 

We noticed your wardrobe has Playboy themes, please describe your photo shoot. It was phenomenal! All the pieces were from yandy and it was part of the yandyXplayboy collection. We shot at the Houdini mansion full of secret doors and walls. You can feel the magic around the estate. And then working with Arthur is always extraordinary. He always exceeds my expectations. He is so gifted and creative it’s inspiring and he always has good energy on set! As well Taylors makeup looks were breathtaking. She slayed me!!  We make a great team. 

How important is sex in a relationship? It’s pretty important but it’s not the most important thing. The person I’m with has to turn me on mentally. Theres certain characteristics  in  a person that they need to turn me on with/ for play to make sex more intense. 

Where is the wildest place you have had sex? I have had sex in some wild places but that will stay in my memories. Lol.

What attracts you the most about a man? What turns you off the most? Their intelligence with out needing to make people feel less than or talking down on others. I’ve met men like that and that’s a turn off. I like a man that is driven and also wants me to succeed. He has to be a partner in my ideas. He has to believe in my dreams more than me and helping me create and not just putting it all on me; it shows they’re interest. They can’t be vengeful; that is the most disgusting trait in any human being. They still have to be young on the inside and be positive. They have to be fun. And if they can’t listen to how I feel not just how they feel. It’s selfish. Also they have to be successful in their own regards and love to travel. And lastly they absolutely can not be controlling or have stalker like tendencies or trying to tell me what to do. It shows too much insecurities and that’s a turn off. He can’t ever want to change me. I’m me and he has to love me for who I am. 

If you could be any animal, what would you be and why? I would be a lion. I’m Protective. You don’t have to watch very many Discovery Channel shows about lions to see how protective they are – of territory, themselves, their young, and so forth. I’m Brave. Being lion-like means you are brave and courageous. I’m Willing to fight for what’s important to me. I’m a. Hunter; I always get what I want. I’m a team player (part of a pride). I’m Loners as well; tigers are loners in the big scheme of things. I like to hang alone and work alone. 

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