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This month we’re turning up the heat with the gorgeous and multi-talent Elle Monae who seems to have it all. She’s smart, sexy, sassy, business-minded and working on her own fashion brand. What more could a guy possibly ask for!? Here, Elle shares her story, what got her started on her career path, where she gets her inspiration, and what plans she has for the future as well as a few tips on how to get the girl you’ve been crushing on. Take a look! 

Heya Elle, it’s great to have you. You somehow seem to ALWAYS look so amazing hey which makes one wonder, “does she just wake up this gorgeous… damn!” Anyway, first things first, could you tell us a little more about yourself like where you grew up, what you studied and what really got you started on your journey as a model and entrepreneur? Aww, thank you guys I’m blushing! So a little about me I am a tomboy turned girly girl who is a fraternal twin from Maryland I would occasionally have weekend trips to the countryside of Richmond with my twin to visit my grandparents where I would watch a lot of TV. So naturally, I aspired to get into acting with a few plays under my belt and I studied creative writing I’ve always had a very active imagination and thought that I would be writing for TV or even acting on tv. One day I stumbled upon reality shows called the Anna Nicole Show and Kimora, Life in the Fab Lane and so my obsession with reality TV began. It showed me so much that I didn’t know that a woman could be and I was amazed at their success their hair their make up their wardrobes. And their message that it didn’t matter where they were from but it’s important to be confident in yourself and your goals and dreams despite humble beginnings and it really inspired me. 

You have such a natural beauty about you Elle, especially your deep and sensual eyes. Do you get that a lot or are guys typically complementing your other, for lack of a better word, assests? For the most part, I do get a lot of compliments that I have pretty eyes or that I’m pretty and it’s always nice to be complimented on being pretty. But honestly, guys usually get shy around me and nine times out of ten always ask whoever I’m with whether it be my best friend or my mom if I’m single. Even on social media guys will usually ask my best friends about me and if I’m seeing anyone. It gets frustrating because I’m super down to earth and love to chat and flirt.

Speaking of guys, do you feel men maybe sexualize women a bit too much, or is that totally okay as long as men can also connect on a more intimate and emotional level? I feel that it’s natural for men to look at women sexually I mean women are sexy and so much more. But it’s always best to be cordial and respectful at first despite sexual urges. I feel like it’s up to the individual to whomever they wish to connect with more on an intimate and or emotional level. Sometimes women want to just have sex no emotions or strings attached that’s totally healthy and it should be totally normal. I feel that you’re emotional and intimate connections are more so based on compatibility than sexual attraction. It is sad and deeply disappointing when guys try to use false emotional connections or be emotionally manipulative just to get intimate or sexual with a woman. 

Oh by the way, we absolutely love your Instagram Elle, you post some of the most stunning pictures. You’ve also got some awesome videos on TikTok and YouTube. Could you perhaps share some of your personal experiences as a social media influencer? My experience growing as a social media influencer has been interesting because as I began to take it more seriously it’s more about being organized and consistent than just looking good in front of the camera. I’m so into fashion so it’s so easy for me to put a look together and go and take pictures but the consistency of capturing the content and getting the shot can be hard but it’s totally fulfilling to me. I have my Instagram account to be thankful for that got me spotted and put on the Netflix series “Too Hot To Handle” season 2 as a grenade. Not to mention the editing getting the right lighting in the right location it’s all about consistency and doing it day after day and staying inspired.

What advice do you have for all those young, hopeful, and talented models that would one day hope to be where you are? To the young inspiring models, I would have to say that if I were talking to my younger self I would not believe that I am in playboy but it’s so important to not compare yourself to other models. Truly be your authentic self and not compare your journey to others. You are an individual and your journey to finding yourself or perfecting your craft as a model is about the journey the ups and the downs. Because sometimes you won’t get to work with that designer that you wanted to, sometimes you won’t get to shoot that campaign that you wanted to, you will be turned away from the agency that you really wanted to sign with, and despite these things, it’s about being confident. Overall I would say just be the best version of yourself that you can be, to be the healthiest version of yourself that you can be and be patient with yourself and do not be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone.

It’s a random ask, but we gotta know, who is that adorable kitty Salem and can we have her? No, you cannot have my baby lol! She’s my kitty Salem I rescued her and I love her so much, I’ve always been an animal lover I encourage people to rescue pets it really makes you feel good inside knowing you saved a life.

With a LOT of followers surely comes a LOT of DMs. What are some of your sweetest, and most cringe-worthy inbox messages? I would have to say my sweetest DM‘s are usually the ones complementing my sense of style or outfits. Also, people love to write me asking how to be confident and I enjoy writing them back little ways to be confident that have helped me. My most cringe-worthy DM‘s are the ones where guys are getting mad at me for not replying to their DM‘s. No, you are not entitled to a response to your DM‘s even if you’re sending a compliment and the worst DM’s I get are unsolicited penis pictures. 

On the topics of DMs, it’s often weird to picture a guy making a first move via a random inbox, but in this day and age of social media AND social distancing, is it acceptable to find your partner online, or, not? No, I don’t find it weird that guys will make the first move via a direct message or a comment. I usually love when a guy sends like the heart eyes emoji or some type of flirty emoji to start off a conversation. It’s totally the way of life nowadays to find your boyfriend or girlfriend on social media, I just love, love so I am usually rooting for those couples who meet online and end up becoming a couple. You never know who you click with even if that person is miles away you could potentially make each other very happy. 

Got any tips for those good guys out there that have a crush online but just aren’t sure how to make the RIGHT first move? To the good guys out there who are afraid to make the first move just do it! Take the initiative it’s always better to make the first move instead of wondering what if. So much time can be wasted waiting for the right time and the right time may never come just do it and if it works out then it works out and if it doesn’t then it wasn’t meant to be at least you tried. So if there’s someone you’ve been eyeing take the chance and strike up a conversation with them like my mom always says it’s better late than never. 

Your Instagram bio reads that you’re vegan. That’s a noble lifestyle, but doesn’t it get hard sometimes, I mean, no tender, juicy, seasoned-to-perfection steaks… how does one survive? There was a time where I thought that being completely vegan was impossible for me but as I learn more about vegan cooking and as I have watched my health and energy increase it’s truly become a passionate lifestyle of mine. I don’t feel it’s for everyone but it is something that I encourage people to try just because it has made such a drastic difference in my skin and my energy I wish for people to experience the same great effects that I have. I don’t get tempted by steaks or anything like that because I was never really a big meat eater I was always a chicken nugget type of person anyway lol. 

What are some of your absolute FAV vegan dishes, we’d love to give them a try… Where do I begin! I love to make protein bowls with fresh sweet yellow corn, black beans, vegan chicken strips, quinoa top it with any type of sauce also add some fresh chopped cherry tomatoes and red onions ugh so good! I love to make Asian dishes like cauliflower fried rice and vegan orange chicken made with real orange juice. I love that there’s so much that Asian cuisine does with their veggies I also love to make a good cauliflower steak with gravy and garlic mashed potatoes. I’m also a big fan of baking I love to make cookies, pies, cakes, brownies, etc. There’s so much vegan cooking options and alternatives nowadays the list could go on forever but you’ll thank me for these suggestions. 

You’re a woman of so many talents. Could you tell us more about your fashion company and what’s the inspiration behind your Star X Crossed brand? My inspiration behind my brand Star X Crossed LLC. is that I am obsessed with astrology and the night sky it’s so much more than just about horoscopes it’s an ancient practice that was grouped together right along with astronomy the study of the stars and the planets. We literally live on a floating rock so there has to be something to it lol. For my brand, I started out with just zodiac jewelry and then I quickly realized that I have a passion for creating things and so now I am working on expanding into clothing and designing my own pieces and possibly swimwear. My mom and dad are entrepreneurs so I suppose that it’s naturally in me to want to create a brand around something that I love. 

Are you collaborate with any other talented beauties at the moment and maybe we could give them a shoutout to show our appreciation and recognition? I find myself constantly inspired by and working with my best friend @beautyjade so be on the lookout for some super hot contact from us also I am planning on a constant trip with the beautiful @melindamelrose my fellow cast member from “Too Hot To Handle” season 2. She’s such a fashionista with this big fiery personality packed into this little body. I’m really looking forward to linking up I know the continent from us collaborating is going to be off the charts.

If you could work with any celebrity or business person in the world, who would it be and why? They say you’re never supposed to meet someone you truly admire and look up to but I would’ve loved to work with Anna Nicole Smith she actually inspired me to shoot with Playboy she’s such an icon may she Rest In Peace. Also, I would also love to work or collaborate with Kim Kardashian she’s one hell of a businesswoman people can say what they want about her she’s worth $1 billion now and I would just love to pick her brain and learn a few things from her. 

Are you working on any new and exciting projects and could you tell us a little more about that? I am actually working on a super exciting project now with being cats in Too Hot To Handle” season 2 on Netflix I can’t talk about much but it’s coming to a screen and laptop near you soon be on the lookout for Elle Monae. 

Well, it was an absolute pleasure Elle, thank you for taking the time to share your story with us. For our readers that want to keep up to date on your adventures, where can they follow you or find you online? It’s been amazing working with you all thank you so much for having me Playboy and for those interested in keeping up with me very exciting things are happening you don’t want to miss out. You can connect with me on Instagram @elle.monae and on YouTube at Elle Diaries. I’ll also be on Only fans type in Elle Monae.

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