with Melisa Gun / @drmelisagunn

Photography by Olga Novikova / @olga_novikova_work

MUA Miko Harutyunyan / @makeupbumiko7

Stylist Sofia Popkova / @Iamsofiapopkova

PR by LA Media Group / @la.mediagroup 

Designer Aria García / @arega_us

Melisa! We’re excited to have you as the cover this month! How is this summer turning out for you? It’s the best summer of my life! I’ve been a little overwhelmed by different events over the two last short months, enough for the story, not a short answer. 

We can only imagine how exciting it must be to have the world slowly open again for career models! Do you have anything exciting happening? A great deal of cooperation from photographers, famous brands, and interviewing has been offered now. So every day is full and interesting. It’s no time for bore!

Having a full schedule must make it difficult for you to get much alone time, talk to us about the top 3 must-do’s to ensure you fit in some well-deserved downtime? I like to plan my time. It’s really not so difficult, believe me. If I realize I have lots of plans for the next week I’m prepping for it For example, I write down what will happen and wherе. I stand out all-important meetings to me and less important ones might even be off the list. Keep three rules: start planning, don’t be lazy, learn to refuse the offers you are not interested in.

We love how you have such a fierce approach to female empowerment, what does it mean for you to be seen as a strong, intelligent, ambitious woman? It’s such a kind of woman who knows her value and is confident in her life. Only a successful man should be near her (I’ve mentioned this in the previous interview). She can express herself clearly, she is not afraid of anything and has at least one education! This is a proud panther with a binding character.

A little birdie told us you’re looking at starting your own Lingerie collection soon! What would you say your brand would represent? At first, I’d like to show women’s seduction, sexuality and emancipation/level of freedom. It’s the main mission of my brand. All the collections of the underwear will be made only of expensive natural material and I’ll focus on the quality to make this mysterious element of clothes not only beautiful but also wearable for all the beautiful women.

What does freedom of self-expression mean to you? To do what you want. After all, how much that life! I’m sure if every girl let herself to be herself we wouldn’t have such concepts as “internal burnout”, “soul emptiness” and “dissatisfaction with your life”.

We absolutely love your Instagram Melisa, your content is very dynamic, inspirational and downright sexy, could you perhaps tell us what your personal experience as an influencer has been like? When it comes to how I keep my followers I’ll answer like this: I am active on Instagram. I try to be interesting for the readers, I share nice photos and make interesting posts. Maybe this is how I hooked my audience.

What about those crazy DMs you must receive! Care to share a few funny stories regarding those? My direct inbox on Instagram is simply flooded with different DMs like these ones. But I don’t always get around to just sit down and read all the DMs. But if there is something awkward/foolish – I try not to answer but ignore it tactfully.

Now we’re sure you experience a lot of male attention on and offline, any advice you would like to give to men out there who are hoping to catch your eye the right way? To give exclusive expensive gifts showing how much the man is interested in me. To catch my eye he at first must invest in the first impression and then I’ll focus my attention on charisma, soul, etc.

What is the absolute worst thing a man can do to completely put you off? I don’t like a selfish, weak-willed and with no sense of respect man. I like only real gentlemen.

That said, what advice would you have to give to all women out there when it comes to love and relationships? First love yourselves and then your men will admire you completely! There must be harmony in your partnership. I have some advice: no one loves angry women, resentful women, and insecure women. So don’t be such ones (smiling). Take care of calmness, balance, support, and care in your relationship. Also, don’t be afraid to lose someone who does not appreciate you.

It’s been an absolute pleasure connecting with you Melisa, any last words? I wish everyone to enjoy the rest of the summer. Let all the wishes each reader has dreamed of for a long time come true. Fall in love, take risks/take any chance, travel! And remember: there won’t be any other chance.