Strong & Independent

October 2021 Playboy Africa Cover Feature with Maria Ryabushkina /@melenamariarya_

Photographer Olga Mordach / @olga_modarch

Producer Amer Mohamad / @shootmeamer

Styled by Anna Baklanova / @baklanova_style

MUA Zimin Anton/ @zimin_anton

Hair Anya Tokaraeva / @annytokareva

Were you excited to shoot for Playboy? Very much, it is definitely the highlight of every model’s career and a dream job to shoot for such a prestigious magazine as Playboy. As a fashion erotic model and actress, I love and need to be in contact with my fans, admirers and followers. I work all the time on new, fresh and exciting content for them.

Tell us something surprising about you? I don’t know if I can surprise you anymore. I am a fashion and erotic model, actress and webcam girl and I am in contact with my fans daily and also you know I love being naked and love my body – so I am very active on my social media platforms, such as Instagram my personal and business website I am very busy socially. I have lots of friends. But perhaps one thing about me that can surprise you. I can give you a lecture about healthy eating. I am obsessed with living a healthy lifestyle.

Describe yourself in one sentence. A strong independent woman.

What are some of your hobbies? My work is my biggest hobby, I will never stop my love for travelling, enjoying new places. My interest in fashion, which I also changed into to my job. My fashion brand is MARIA RYA, and fashion shopping is a huge passion for me now. I put lots of energy into growing it big. Additionally, I can’t forget my passion for modelling and acting. I had this since I was a very small girl to perform in front of the camera and especially a video camera. I changed my dream into a reality when I turned 14 and stared to work as a photo and podium model. I am naturally beautiful and have a right attitude for that kind of business. I am not shy, and I love to perform, embrace nudity, love sex and thrive on the attention from a man. I love freedom, independence and this was definitely a way for me to grow and explore the world as I started to travel and make my own money.

What is your biggest turn on? A combination of beauty and intelligence. A man, who knows how to treat a woman properly, who is generous, talented, creative, artistic, sexual and imaginative and of course a good kisser and know how make woman happy. As I said before I love attention, I want to be spoiled. And am open to new kinky adventures.

What turns you off the most? It would be dishonest people, liars and people which pretend to be somebody else. And in man it would be somebody who would try to control me, or not to appreciate my work, my passion to grow or somebody who will put me down. I have had men like that in my life, which in the beginning were like a prince from a fairy tale, but soon they were telling me what to do and wanted to keep me just for themselves. And I would like to warn other girls against men and relationships like this, we don’t deserve it.

Describe to us your perfect date. I like to be pampered, spoiled, and surprised… I have a specific taste in man, he must be tall with a very good body, smart, creative, funny and somebody with lots of interests. The perfect date with my dream man would be a surprise holiday on some exotic island, where we will spend a few days to enjoy each other, have lots of wild sex, go walking on the beach, drink the best wine, eat fresh food and swim naked. I love hot weather, sun and warm sea, good food, nice clothes, and pretty jewellery. My life is very busy, and I need and wish sometimes to just stop and relax with somebody who will make me happy and switch off from the outside world? Just two of us. Is somebody out there going to call me?

What would you consider to be your biggest challenge as a model so far? The biggest challenge in the beginning was to find and understand boundaries. Working in the erotic industry is not always glamourous. It is very important is to say that it is a dangerous world and you need to know how it works. Each country has different rules, you will meet lots of strange people, who will be dishonest, want to use you or want to just sleep with you. A young girl or girls who are starting in this business don’t know what theirs are rights, or even how to say NO. Fortunately I had a very strong upbringing, I know how to look after myself. and I have a big mouth to say what I always wanted since I was very young, which is definitely my strong characteristic. I enjoy my work in fashion style and my personal live chat sites. To be a model was my dream and I love to try different kind of photography. I love this industry which gave me the power to be independent and express myself publicly, but I never wanted to cross it with the porn industry which is on a completely different level. The life and the groups of people you will going to meet and socialize with are very different et. Young girls need to know about risks which comes with it, drugs, sexual transmitted infections, bad people, unhealthy lifestyle etc. Yes, it’s a challenge to survive in this industry and come out, turn back and be proud of yourself.

What makes you feel so comfortable about being naked in front of the camera and showing your naked body for anyone to see? There is no life without sex and nudity and for me nudity is natural. It is very important to love one’s own body and not be shy. I love beautiful things, art and naked bodies when photographed tastefully can of course an amazing piece of art in itself. I’m not shy to show all of it or share with people who will admire and appreciate it too.

How do you see yourself in a few years’ time? As I said I have worked very hard on my brand name, MARIA RYA, which has become a famous brand in the erotic and fashion industries. I am proud of the large number of my followers on social media and all my fans on my personal websites OnlyFans at melenamariarya , at mariarya. My fashion online shop is growing every day is popular and in big demand. I have a huge drive to succeed in the industry is and I have already made a few big appearances in erotic movies.  Keep watching and following my name. I keep ideologies about the female body, and I enjoy the fashion industry. That’s why I don’t plan in future Hard core. Fortunately, I decided not to act sexually with male actors due to the risk of sexually transmitted diseases and I believe in Love. I will continued collaborate with erotic and fashion sites, magazines that explore nudity through artistic photography and films, I think for the protection of underage children, it very important.

Any last words you would like to share with the readers? Now, when I began to be famous model and my name became a brand, I can say more openly what I think, I can be a role model for many girls and people who are interested in my exciting world and life. It’s very important to talk about safety in sex and porn industry, we are living in 21st century, sex is not a taboo, it is something which is beautiful, but please stay safe, physically and mentally. It is possible, you can still enjoy sex, nudity, love but stay surrounded with honest and good people. It wasn’t always easy, that’s why I can help and talk about it now. My chat group, web sites, social media are open to anybody to share or ask for advice. And a last word to my dear followers and readers is: When I was very young, I promised myself to live my life to the fullest, and I haven’t stopped since then. I made a promise to take any opportunity to grow or to enjoy my life and I do so.