Playmate Paris S. Chanel

Playful Paris S. Chanel poses for Playboy South Africa

Playboy South Africa’s March 2022 Cover Star Paris S. Chanel / @parischanelofficial

Wardrobe Stylist Paris S. Chanel / @luuxbyparischanel

Photography by Josiah Roberto Photo / @josiahrobertophoto

Hairstylist & MUA Chancello Miller / @_chancedeon

Videographer Julian Harper / @julianharper_ / @project.290

Such an absolute honor to have you on Playboy! How has the year been for you so far? It is such a great honor to be a part of the Playboy family! It has been a long time coming for me and a dream since I was younger. Somebody pinch me because it feels so unreal haha! This year has been great! I decided to close my modeling agency and get back focused on my own career, hopes, and dreams. One thing that the pandemic taught me Is that life is short, and I felt that I was not living to my greatest potential and had neglected quite a few things that I had originally set out to do for myself. Now I am taking back the reigns and putting me first. Becoming a Playmate is definitely one of the greatest highlights of 2022, thus far.  

What is at the top of your list to achieve the most in the year of 2022? At the top of my list for 2022 is to get more exposure and work in the modeling and entertainment world, walk red carpets, grow my social following, and get verified! Also, I will be starting my Doctoral program for school this year so that is major for me. Just got my master’s degree in Marketing with Honors finishing with a 4.0 in December 2021, so checked that off of the list. Now, Dr. Chanel is loading! Stay tuned.

What does it mean for you to be seen as a strong, intelligent, ambitious woman? It is everything to me and all that I know how to be. From being a toddler until now, I have always strived to be nothing short of great. I felt that I owed that not only to myself, but to my mother. I grew up seeing her work harder than anyone I had ever witnessed and struggling and sacrificing to make sure that we had everything that we needed. I promised myself that I would make her proud. Being strong has been in my bloodline. Life has not always been the easiest so that in itself makes you a strong person. Either you will fold and crack under pressure or you will decide to make lemonade out of lemons. I chose the latter. Being proactive yields far greater results than wallowing in my own sorrows. It is easier said than done but my sanity and peace of mind means more than my sadness and disappointments.

What would you say makes you stand out in the industry? I have been in this industry for 18 years now. I am a true veteran. Being able to pave the way for other Black models has been my goal from the start. I have experienced so much in this industry. I have also been the first African American to do a few things. I was the first African American Spokesmodel in the International Bikini Model Search. I was one of the first African American Models to be an Umbrella girl in the states. I was also the first African American model to start an all-inclusive modeling and talent agency in my town and probably my state. All of these firsts came with their fair share of challenges. Not everyone supports you being the token Black girl in the room. That is okay. I would rather be the token that helps open the doors for others to be seen and get opportunities than be in fear or discouraged. Me making those sacrifices creates so many opportunities for others that look like me. That brought me the greatest joy. Even if they never know my name, I am proud to know that I helped. Through all of the adversity that I have been through, I still chose to keep going and fight for my dreams. I plan to conquer them all.  

Where do you draw most of your strength from as a professional, career woman? My strength comes from within. I have bottled all that I have gone through in life and used it as fuel to make myself proud. It is important to me to prove to myself that I can do and be anything that I set out to be. My grandmother is one of my biggest supports outside of my mom, and that lady exudes strength. She worked hard and that is where my mother gets her drive. It was a trickledown effect. Making them proud is a huge goal of mine.

What are some of your biggest passions? My biggest passion would be spending time with my family and fur babies, traveling the world, education, and simply enjoying life.

3 ultimate deal-breakers when it comes to men? – Disrespect- Bad Hygiene – Unemployed.

What are some of the things that attract you to a man? I love a well-dressed man. Someone who can light up a room without trying or being arrogant, just pure confidence. A man who has plans for his life and future and puts those things into action. We can’t forget a beautiful smile. A huge bonus if he can make me laugh, because I love a good time and laughter is great for the soul.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years? In the next 5 years, I see myself as a multi-millionaire, best-selling author, traveling and speaking on panels, gracing the covers of major magazines, a well-respected fashion maven and top fashion & luxury influencer, and being invited to major red carpet events all over the world, attending all major fashion weeks sitting front row for major luxury brands, and happily married to the love of my life married with my twin girls.

What is the wrong way to approach you as an admirer? Being too aggressive is a turn-off for me. Yes, please approach me but be respectful. Do not call me any pet names, because that makes me think you are a player and say those things to every woman. Do not inappropriately touch me. A handshake first meeting me is good enough. Keep it classy. Do not overly talk about yourself, the things you have, and your occupation. Ask me about me. Genuinely show your interest. I love a businessman but do not be uptight. Show that you have a fun, adventurous, and humorous side to you as well.

Where can our readers catch up with you and stay updated with your work? They can catch me on all of the following social media platforms. Instagram, Facebook parischanelofficial, Youtube ParisChanelTikTok @luuxbyparischanelTwitter RebirthOfParisCor my website

We are so happy to have gotten to know you a little bit! Any last words out there for our readers? There are only great things to come from here! Stay tuned and follow my journey. Thank you so much again Playboy for making me a Playmate in my birthday month at that! This is the best gift a lady could ask for!