The Best Views!

with Playboy Africa May 2023 cover star Olivia Lush / @ theolivialush

Photography by Mike Cohen / @mikecohenphotos

H/MUA Annie Kay / @annie_kay_x

PR: LA Media Group / @ la.mediagroup

Olivia, happy to have you on the cover of Playboy! Amazing pictorial, what inspired this photoshoot? I absolutely love the beach. Being close to the ocean is my happy place. It was a blessing being able to shoot in a beautiful place like Mallorca in Spain, with a great photographer like Mike Cohen. 

You’ve got an amazing figure and beauty about you; we’re keen to know what you would say is your best feature?  My best features are my eyes and smile. I frequently hear that they are very expressive. 

Being a glamorous model must have its perks, what are some of your most memorable experiences in your career? I’ll never forget the first time I was flown on a private plane for a special event.

What would you say sets you apart?  I am extremely professional and like to get things done the best possible way. I don’t like leaving things for tomorrow. 

On the topic of men, what was the complete best, and worst first impressions you’ve got on a first date?  The best impression was from a gentleman that researched me online beforehand, so he knew many things I like and was very attentive to everything I said. The worse impression I got was from a man that complained about the prices of everything on the menu even though he was the one that picked the restaurant. 

What would you say is the most surprising thing about you that not many people know? During my university years, I used to be a fire eater and work at private parties and special events on weekends.

If you had to choose, would you say money and wealth determines success, or is it one’s personal achievements and happiness?  Personal achievements and happiness.

What brings you the most happiness? Spending time with my friends, loved ones and pets.

Paint a picture for us on your ultimate fantasy-style weekend getaway. I love romantic getaways by the beach in exotic destinations. The perfect one would be in one of those bungalows over the water in the Maldives enjoying the beautiful destination and each other.   

Any final words to our readers on what to expect from you this year?  I am working in new projects and some more publications. Stay up to date with my adventures by following me on Twitter @TheOliviaLush and Instagram @theolivialush.