Malika Beatrishe’s Effortless Allure

with September 2023 cover star Malika Beatrishe / @malikabeatrishe 

Photographer @dmytrokomissarenko
Stylist @antonyvasilev
Make-up & Hair @dashavisag
Producer @beloshapka_artkitchen
PR @mariborovenskaya

Dream Woman. Malika Beatrishe on how to become the embodiment of the ideal main character of our issue tells about her achievements, shares her experience, and inspires millions of women in her country to realize their dreams. How to find a way to yourself, learn to love yourself, and put yourself in the spotlight exclusively for Playboy tells Malika Beatrishe

Malika, you look stunning. How to achieve such results? In fact, everything is very simple. This is work on oneself, self-motivation directed in the right direction, elimination of factors that prevent moving forward in personal growth. Of course, this is proper nutrition and the right way of thinking. Ideally, it is a way of life. The other side of the question is how to get there.

What do you think the ideal woman should look like? Everything in a woman should be perfect. And it’s not just about looks. This is a combination of inner beauty and beauty of the body, professional and personal realization, satisfaction from life, and a special sparkle in the eyes. The latter is possible when all of the above factors are combined. This is the ideal woman, which a woman can only create on her own.

What should other women do who want to become like you? A woman reveals herself throughout her life. You need to understand this and follow your desires, be sure to follow your dream. When this understanding came to me, everything changed in my life.

Can you give a couple of life hacks? How to start? You should always start only with yourself. Exclude everything and everyone around, and put yourself in the spotlight. You will not believe it, then life around you will self-organize and become even better. I can talk for a very long time about the processes of realization of a woman that will benefit her. Therefore, 5 years ago, I decided to create a project exclusively for women. I wanted to make it easier for them to come to me and give even more than they could imagine.

Very interesting! Can you tell a little bit more about how it works? I created the BRANDFACE project 5.5 years ago. This is a project that has no analogs in Ukraine, and today we have already entered the world level. Our team gives participants opportunities and resources to realize themselves and make their dreams come true. Professionally realized and creative women come to us to get what they once dreamed of at a young age. And they get it thanks to working with us! Our participants take part in the filming of series, fashion advertising campaigns for Ukrainian and international magazines, commercials for beauty products, take part in Ukrainian Fashion Week on the main podium of the country, and go on the air with their own TV programs. I always say: that nothing is impossible! And I prove it by my example and the success of the BRANDFACE project participants.