We’re happy to introduce this month’s cover star Ozuna / @ozuna

Production PR Burgerrock Media / @burgerrockmedia

Irma Penunuri / @burgerrock

Photographer Chris Allmeid / @chrisallmeid

Videographer Diego Farelo / @diegofarelo

Art director Ubaldo Mendoza / @itsbaldooo

Lead producer Karla Gonzalez / @karlitaa21

Stylist Brandon Vega / @brandonleepr

Grooming Diego Aguilar / @makeupbydiego

Interview Nancy Martinez / @hellanancy

Model Melanie Leon / @melanieeleon

Talent PR Nanette Lamboy / @nanettelamboy

Location @sunshinerentalsgroup

Ozuna, you’ve been making waves in the music industry for quite some time now and your popularity continues to grow. What are the secrets behind your long-standing success and staying power in the game? There are no secrets. It all revolves around my strong love and passion for music. But that is just not enough to make it, you know. So, equally important is discipline and consistency. Compared to when I was an aspiring artist, now I work even harder, every single day to keep exploring and creating new sounds and innovating to stay in touch with my long-time fans and invite the new generations to listen to my music.     

You’ve collaborated with many talented artists from different backgrounds. Can you tell us who continues to inspire your music and creativity? I’ve been inspired by many great artists throughout the years. But at this moment right now I can say Bruno Mars, Drake, and Tyler the Creator.


In one of your most recent projects from this year, the EP “Afro” you explored further into the Afrobeat music genre with chart-topping hits like “Eva Longoria” and “Tucu” and collaborations with artists like Davido and Omah Lay. What inspired you to create the concept for this fully Afrobeat project? Coming from the Caribbean where our cultural blend has a lot of African influences, and the global evolution of Afrobeat music in the past years, it just came naturally for me to get captivated by the new fusions of African sounds. In 2020, I was invited to collaborate with Afro B on a bilingual Latin version of his hit “Drogba” (JOANNA). Since then, I started to visualize and work on a concept for an Afrobeat project with a little infusion of modern Caribbean vibes. That’s how the “Afro” EP was created. It was just something I had in my heart to do to honor our African heritage, without even imagining the great support it was going to receive.  I’m thankful to everyone who has supported this EP, as well as the “Afro” European Summer Tour. It was an amazing experience.         

Let’s talk about your album ‘Cosmo’. How does the style and aesthetic of this project differ from your previous work, and how does the visual aspect complement the musical experience?  “Cosmo” is an album with a completely different style and aesthetic compared to my previous ones. I see it as an evolution of my music. This definitely feels next level for me in my own music universe. I put no limits on my creative process. We went with the flow. Whatever vibes we felt each time, we went with it, and it made everything just come out very easy. We experimented with new sounds for each different song to create a perfect balance for this album. All the visual aspects and concepts were created accordingly.  


Ozuna, you are a fashion icon. Your presence at Paris Fashion Week and the iconic viral moment when you were photographed with Cardi B outside the Jean Paul Gaultier show stirred up excitement. Can you share your experience and the story behind that unforgettable moment? It was great! I was so thrilled when I received that invitation to the Jean Paul Gaultier show, such an iconic designer. I’m so grateful I was able to attend; literally had to run to be there. It was in part possible because the dates coincided with a concert in Paris and a visit to the vineyard where my “Vocation” champagne brand is produced. I love to stay up to date with the latest fashion trends so you can probably expect to see me more involved in that area in the future.  

In the world of fashion, what are some of the trends or designers that you’re particularly drawn to, and how have they influenced your personal style? I’m a fan of various top designer brands such as Louis Vuitton, D&G, and Jean Paul Gaultier, however, my personal style, depending on the occasion, may go from top designer pieces to even emerging talented designers. For more streetwear or casualwear, I like the Fear of God style, for example. To that point, there’s a new movement of urban wear designers in my island of Puerto Rico, like Serene, who are coming up strong with very interesting styles. Certainly, looking forward to watching all these new emerging designers make their mark. 

Posing for a publication like Playboy Magazine is a unique experience. Can you tell us what went through your mind and the creative process behind your photo shoot for the magazine? Playboy is a legendary brand and being part of this today, it’s unbelievable! This was the right moment because it fits perfectly with the whole concept of my upcoming “Cosmo” album. I liked the idea when it was proposed to me and here, I am.


The music industry has evolved significantly in the digital age, with platforms like TikTok playing a pivotal role. How have you adapted to these changes, and how do social media and trends influence the way you produce and release your music today? I am always paying attention to how the music industry continues to evolve because we have to stay ahead all the time. Social media and digital platforms play an important role today. So, I always make sure to make content considering and appealing to the audience’s preferences. 

You have the top creatives working for you in all aspects of your brand. How are you able to sustain and choose the top in the industry? I work with people who I click with. It’s a matter of choosing to work with people who understand my vision and are willing to work hand in hand with me. It’s that level of vibe that makes great things happen.  

What’s next on the horizon for Ozuna? Are there any exciting projects or collaborations we can look forward to in the near future? Well, my upcoming album “Cosmo” is out now, so definitely focusing a lot on that! I would also love to tour after it’s released album! I can assure you that. More new music and collaborations will keep coming up soon but let’s leave it as a surprise for now. As far as other projects I’m also actively involved in basketball in Puerto Rico; I have my own professional team, which debuted in the BSN League this year. That was just a dream that I had to make happen. I’m also looking forward to the finishing touches of my biopic movie “ODISEA”.

In your own words, what do you think it means to be a playboy in this modern world? A lot of people may still associate the term playboy with a man who likes to play around with many women. To me, in the modern world, a playboy is a man who stands out and is naturally able to capture attention. It’s the ability to cause a positive impression; and it could be because of a special talent, personality, or professional standing, for example. But mostly by the way he carries himself with security and his unique way of connecting and relating with others around him. So basically, any man can be a playboy in different aspects of his life, and in a positive way too.