Lily Aspen Genuine Beauty

with Playboy South Africa February 2024 cover star Lily Aspen / @lily.aspen

Photographer Mila Zvereva / @mila_zvereva

Kiyana McCoy / @itsyanamccoy

Stylist Lily Aspen / @lily.aspen

Makeup Jordann Aguon / @jordannaguonmakeup

Hairstylist Olya Banar / @hairbyolya

PR Firebird PR Agency / @firebirdpragenc

Lily, welcome to Playboy South Africa, you are a model and influencer. What is the secret of success for a successful modeling career? (It’s not just about appearance; all participants are a priori slender and beautiful.) It’s hard to believe, but my maximum weight was 119 kg, and when I’ve moved to LA and started modeling, I already lost 60 kg but was still far from beauty standards and was wearing size Large. So, The key to a successful modeling career goes beyond appearance. It involves resilience, dedication, and a strong sense of self. Embrace your uniqueness, work hard, and maintain a positive mindset. Confidence and professionalism are as necessary as physical attributes in the competitive modeling world.

There is an opinion that in childhood, girls should be told “how beautiful you are” as often as possible, and boys should be told “how smart you are.” do you agree? Why? I believe it’s essential to encourage both boys and girls in diverse ways. While praising intelligence fosters confidence and academic growth, acknowledging beauty can contribute to self-esteem. Balancing compliments helps children develop a well-rounded sense of self-worth, recognizing their intellectual and physical qualities.

 What were you told as a child? I was a chubby kid, so I was told that I’m Smart more often than beautiful, so now I have 3 MDs because I’m smart and a modeling career to prove to everyone I’m attractive.

Tell us about your course, “Aspen Method.” This educational program for transformational mentors utilizes brain and mind work to rapidly transform consciousness and address deep traumas more effectively than traditional psychotherapy. The course combines tools from classical therapy, coaching, systemic constellations, neurofeedback, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and meditations, enabling rapid and sustainable results. I was proud of all my students practicing working in the Aspen Method and sharing excellent results and reviews.

What do you think is better: to be beautiful or attractive, and why? While beauty is often associated with physical appearance, attractiveness encompasses a broader spectrum, including personality and confidence. Being attractive goes beyond looks, involving qualities that draw people in. Ultimately, a combination of inner confidence, kindness, and individuality tends to have a more lasting impact, making attractiveness a holistic and enduring quality.

Who do you think is a beautiful person? Why? And sexually attractive? A beautiful person, in my view, embodies kindness, empathy, and authenticity. Inner qualities, such as compassion and integrity, contribute to their beauty. Sexually attractive individuals, on the other hand, often exude confidence and a magnetic presence, fostering a deeper connection. And I’m all about conventional male beauty standards if we’re talking about sexual attraction, like being tall, muscular, and handsome. Guilty. 

In your opinion, what habit of modern girls stands in the way of their beauty? It’s important to avoid generalizations, but excessive comparison on social media might hinder some girls’ perception of their beauty. Constant exposure to curated images can create unrealistic standards, impacting self-esteem. Encouraging authenticity and self-acceptance is crucial in fostering genuine beauty.

Do you have an extensive wardrobe? What will you spend your last 10,000 on if we discuss clothes or accessories? Yes, my wardrobe is pretty large, but next to Kim Kardashian’s closet, I’m a peasant. And if it is my last 10000$, I will go to the Hermes store and get a Birkin bag to resell immediately and make at least a 100-150% margin on it.

What is fashionable today and what is not anymore (I am not talking about trends, but rather about habits, behavior, lifestyle, etc.) Current trends in fashion extend beyond clothing and encompass sustainable choices, mindful consumption, and a focus on well-being. Embracing diversity, inclusivity, and conscious living is considered fashionable. On the contrary, outdated notions like excessive materialism and disregard for environmental impact are becoming less favored in contemporary lifestyles

What do you dream about? I don’t dream; I pursue.