The Sexiest Movies and TV Hitting Streaming in October

By Graeme McMillan

Amidst the Halloween and pumpkin-spiced focus of the next few weeks, there’s some new sexiness to be found on Amazon, Netflix, Hulu and HBO Now. If you’re looking to be turned on by streaming services this month, here’s what you should be watching.

October 1, Hulu
Hands up, everyone who had no idea that Mickey Rourke’s Finest Cinematic Hour™ had a sequel. Made 11 years after the original and without Kim Basinger, this direct-to-video follow-up made it clear that Rourke had at least nineteen weeks of sexy playtime in his career. That almost makes up for Iron Man 2, right?

October 1, Netflix
This sexpose on the 1970s porn industry remains beloved two decades after its release and some of Heather Graham’s best work. To this day, everyone wants to believe that Mark Wahlberg has an unusually large penis.

October 1, HBO Now
It could be argued that Larry David is the opposite of sex, to which I have only one response: That’s not necessarily incorrect. Nonetheless, hear me out. Isn’t being funny sexy? Isn’t having the staying power to make nine seasons of one of the funniest shows on TV sexy? I think you can see why the long-awaited return of Curb Your Enthusiasmmakes this list. Plus, Cheryl Hines is definitely a babe.

October 1, Netflix
It’s the one movie where Tom Cruise tried to be sexy and…well, you can see the results for yourself in the trailer. Thankfully, Nicole Kidman saves this film from absurdity, along with its take on cuckolding, masks, orgies and all the other good stuff that defines Stanley Kubrick’s final, surprisingly cold movie.

October 1, Hulu
The idea of Quentin Tarantino and George Clooney as outlaw siblings having to deal with a vampire outbreak in a strip club sounds like a good idea, but it becomes a greatidea when you bring in Salma Hayek as a vampire queen vampire.

October 1, Netflix
If you don’t understand the world of J-Pop and obsession over Japanese girl bands, then this documentary—which also delves into emerging female sexuality in Japan and how it’s shaped by pop culture—is for you.

October 2, Amazon Prime
Terrence Malick seems like an unexpected choice for a movie about relationships in Austin’s music scene, but an amazing cast—which includes Rooney Mara, Cate Blanchett, Ryan Gosling and Natalie Portman—makes it work. If you’re not into the quasi-hallucinatory relationship dramas featuring beautiful people, you can always gawp at cameos from the likes of Tegan and Sara, Iggy Pop, Patti Smith and the Black Lips.

October 3, Amazon Prime and Hulu
Every season of American Horror Story is a creepy, sexy concoction of its own, and the sixth chapter is no exception. Roanoke goes even further with a couple of meta twists that makes this Murphy outting particularly fascinating.

October 13, Netflix
Talking of horror, Netflix gets in the game with a twist on the Bad Babysitter fantasy. What if the hot girl is only looking after your kid because she’s part of a Satanic cult and wants to sacrifice him? Anyone thinking to themselves “It depends on how hot she is” should be ashamed.

October 14, HBO Now
The Twilight fanfic that blushes at the sight of handcuffs continues with its “unrated” sequel, giving everyone another chance to think, “Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson are sexy people, so why isn’t this hotter?” On the plus side, Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan are trying their hardest to make you feel hot and bothered, and there are worse ways to spend time on HBO.

October 28, Amazon Prime
Let’s end things with Amy Adams. Do I really need to say anything else? I could talk about the way in which Adams plays a linguist who takes humanity’s first contact with an alien race to a whole other level, and that intelligence is sexy, but you already know that, and even then, we’re still talking about Amy Adams, because Amy Adams is a goddess who has come down to walk amongst us and we should all be grateful for her every cinematic utterance.