Every Musician Will Want to Move Into This Incredible Australian House

By Andrew Daniels

Turns out the only way I can appreciate badass architecture—or anything, really—is to relate it to old MTV shows, so hey, remember Band in a Bubble? Of course you don’t. Back in 2007, MTV plopped a burgeoning pop-punk band called Cartel into a giant dome in New York City for a month, where they recorded their sophomore album as webcams captured their every move. You could follow the action on a laggy livestream during all hours of the day, which made the stunt a deeply uncomfortable Big Brotherfor the Hot Topic crowd. I loved every second of it.

If Band in a Bubble didn’t kill Cartel’s career, it certainly left a sizeable dent. After the show aired and the resulting album flopped, the band was dropped from their label and went back to touring tiny clubs instead of the arenas they envisioned pre-bubble. But if Band in a Bubble left any kind of legacy, it’s that I still think about how cool it would be to live in a high-tech house outfitted with wall-to-wall music gear and recording equipment.

That brings us to Wolf Architects’ Two Rock House, a sleek Australian mansion that’s aptly named for its location in between two rocky formations on a hill, but also because the other kind of rock it contains in abundance. Sure, all the stunning design porn features—the rusted steel panels with circular windows that give the house its periscope-like eyes, the wraparound infinity lap pool—make the place a treasure, but the music-minded amenities make it a dream dwelling for dudes who shred.

There’s a two-story recording studio that sits on the back of the property, a fireplace built from melted Zildjian cymbals—the drummer in me is cringing, but also throwing up devil horns—and bedrooms that are positioned in such a way that they reflect how you’d set up a drum kit.

We don’t know the tenant, but let’s wildly speculate the potential Australian rock stars who might call the place home. Maybe the drummer from AC/DC? One of the dudes from 5 Seconds of Summer? Someone in Silverchair? Gotye? All of the Wiggles?