If the modeling industry could clone Bella and Gigi Hadid, they’d probably do it in an instant—but they may not have to. It turns out the Hadid sisters have a younger cousin who lives in Holland (where their mother Yolanda is originally from), and she’s gorgeous, too. Joann van den Herik is the daughter of Yolanda Hadid’s brother. She turned 18 earlier this year, and in October, she signed a contract with 12+ UK, a plus-size modeling agency based in London.

In addition to joining her supermodel cousins in the modeling world, van den Herik is following in the footsteps of successful curvy models like Ashley Graham and Iskra Lawrence by using her Instagram to share messages of body positivity. She also has a YouTube channel, and she recently decided to speak English in her videos, since more of her followers speak English than Dutch.

There’s a strong resemblance between van den Herik and her American cousins, especially Gigi. When Gigi, Bella, and Joann get together, they look like sisters.

Here’s Joann proudly modeling a piece from TommyxGigi, Gigi Hadid’s clothing line with Tommy Hilfiger:

With Gigi and Bella as mentors (and blood relatives), van den Herik has a lot going for her. She currently has around 32,600 Instagram followers, but no doubt that number will be in the millions soon. To watch her imminent rise to stardom, follow her at @joannvdherik. This morning she posted a note on Instagram to express her gratitude for all the newfound attention. In it, she wrote to her new followers, “Welcome to my life.”