An Absolute Stunner

with Amber Diamond

A Huntington Beach California girl born and raised, Amber Diamond loves more than anything, a hot sun filled day at the beach. Although also residing part of the time in the Hawaiian Islands, the beaches of California will always be her home. A true blonde, Amber is the girl next door, living an organic lifestyle free of the fake stuff. Her long legs and full bottom make her a striking 5’7” with golden sunk kissed skin. Your dream of what a California babe would be.  

Amber is a woman on the go, and luggage is her greatest accessory. Asia, Europe, the Islands, somehow making herself a local wherever she goes. That’s Amber’s way, connecting with the people, and seeing life through others. The rule she lives by, be kind and good to others and the universe will be good to you. 

To keep up with Amber you can find her on Instagram @Diamond.Fur

Turn ons- I love a man who can match my energy. Someone who can go from flip-flops to black tie. Humble, who knows that all life and all people are precious but is not weak. A perfect date with this man would be wrapped in his arms listening to the sound of the ocean, and star gazing. 

Turn offs- Someone who doesn’t see past themselves. You have to have a big heart to be with me. 

Girl crush- In no particular order: I am a girl for wild fashion. I like high fashion but I also like bizarre types of fashion too My fashion interest list is short really: Dolly Parton a classic you cant argue about that, Madonna – timeless, J- Lo- ageless, Victoria Beckham – classic , Miley Cyrus – weird, Gwen Stefani – orange county, and of course RIP Selena Quintanilla. 

First love- I think there are many first loves. A first love for each new experience you encounter. Andy was a first boyfriend and a 16 year old with a private pilot license. We rented Cessna aircraft out of Fullerton Airport in California and he would fly us around Catalina Island – that’s when fell in love with the sky.

About me- I’ve got a big personality; most people know who I am in my town. A Capricorn with a firework filled birthday, New Years Eve! I love my dog, my family, and my friends and would do anything for them. Im “The Huntington Beach Hunny Bun” but I’m not just lying on the beach tanning, you’ll find me in the waves with my surfboard or even at dog beach with my pup. I love everything about a beach lifestyle, salty hair- sandy toes and all. My current goal is teaching my dog how to surf, he’s already pretty good! I grew up playing in the streets playing with my brothers, riding dirt bikes, building tree houses, watching baseball games. Having all brothers and growing up in a tight surf community made me a tough chick. Along with what you now know about me, I also have a degree in film, and experience with fashion runway production which I used to do in Austin, Texas, but we will have to leave that story for another day.