Playboy Africa November 2020 Cover Feature

with Veronica Rosi

Photography by Gabriel Radulescu / @gabrielrphotography /

What an absolute honor to have you grace our pages! How excited were you to appear in Playboy? I was extremely excited, to the point that I kept it to myself for months not to jinx it.

Modeling is a big part of your life, could you tell us what inspired you to start and what your journey has been like to get to this point? I started by chance and it has always been part of my life, on and off. It’s always an adventure!

You look incredible, what are some of your favorite ways to work out? I’m a yogi, I like biking and I started running a few years ago. 

Tell us something surprising about you? I like to help entrepreneurs. I like to understand new business models that improve our way of living.

Describe yourself in one sentence? Sweet and pretty but very smart.

Turn-ons… Confidence.

Turnoffs… Cockiness.

What are you most passionate about? Living life to the fullest.

What makes you tick? That’s for you to find out.