Super Stunner!

with Chloe Khan

Photography by Chrissy Littlefair / @littlefairphotgraphy_

Hair by Ilmaas / @hairbyilmas

PR by LSA Publications / @leo.alderman / @lsapublications 

What would you say is your best feature? My positive mind. If you mean physical attribute I guess people would expect me to say my big bust but I love my long silky legs and my brown eyes. Thanks, Mommy. 

Do you feel more like a city or a county person? I feel like an alien on the wrong planet.

What makes you feel sexy? I love to dress up extremely sexy with very high heels or sleeping naked in satin sheets.

What do you enjoy most about being a model? I love to travel to beautiful destinations, to get my hair done every day, to wear beautiful dresses and always having an international family of sexy sisters that I meet along the way. 

Turn-ons… Ambition makes me wet. I like an older guy with an all-year tan, intellectual, deep convos about the universe and conspiracy theories.

Turnoffs… Instagram boys lol. All my girls love sexy buff tattoo Insta boys but I don’t want be waiting an hour for a boy to get ready while he uses my luxury face creams and tries to gain my followers hahah! Also moaning, ew that’s not hot. 

Were you excited to shoot for Playboy again? I have come a long way from that teenage girl on a Hollywood tour bus peering through the Playboy mansion gates. It was a massive dream of mine to shoot for Playboy. I am now on my 5th Playboy cover and have made Playmate of the Month and partied in the Playboy mansion (whilst dressed as a schoolgirl of course lol). Playboy South Africa is a very big thing for me… I am traveling to SA soon on a safari and can’t wait. 

Favorite shoot location? A yacht in the middle of a tropical paradise. 

Is there anything else you are working on? I have my luxury lifestyle brand “Yacht Life,” luxury living products. You can check it out here –

Do you prefer kissing or cuddling? Both duh, but don’t mess my lipgloss up when we are out.

What are you really good at? Well, I’m in the top 0.0X creators on OnlyFans in the world, so come join me on there and I will show you.

Describe your perfect day off when you’re not modeling? Sleeping lol, I love my sleep. In the blazing sunshine with a massage would be ideal. 

Do you have a mantra? Don’t complain, don’t explain. 

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