Ukrainian Fashionista and Industry Powerhouse

with Volkova Sasha

Photography by Natasha Kot / @natashakot

MUA: Olga Lozitskaya / @onedayhero_makeup

PR by LSA Publications / leo.alderman / @lsapublications

Describe yourself in three words… Sex, champagne and rock and roll.

Were you excited to shoot for Playboy? Of course!

What was it like starting out as a model? Inspiring.

What would you consider to be your biggest challenge as a model so far? To eat and not get fat.

Describe your perfect day off when you are not modeling? Spending time with my family is the best.

Do you feel more like a city or a country person? 100% city person.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?  Paris

Do you have a secret talent? I can dance all night long.

Guilty pleasure? Chocolate.

Which song is absolutely certain to make you cry whenever you hear it? “Shape of my heart” Sting.

What is your favorite word in any language and what does it mean? “Bisous” means “kisses” in French, I love how they say it.

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