Natural Brazilian Beauty

Model Shooting

Playboy Africa Cover Feature June 2021 with Samba Queen Claudia /

Photography by Kai Joachim / Kai Joachim pro

Makeup & Hair Janus Kloc

PR by LSA Publications / @leo.alderman / @lsapublications

Such an honor to have a gorgeous and talented beauty feature! We’re curious to know how your journey has been as one of the most respected models in your industry. I lived and grew up in Brazil, I spent all my childhood and youth dreaming of a modeling career, I always liked to parade, theater, ballet dance and I always loved this world of Samba and how my strength was always of a determined person where I always tried to make my dreams come true. and goals. When I came to Europe where I got married I could see the passion that people have for Samba and dance that filled me with even more motivation to continue with my dreams. So it was there to discover that I could fly higher, open my own agency Samba Show and started working. I was invited to several famous television programs in Europe and as my story of overcoming I was elected the Samba Queen of Europe by WDR, and from there I did not stop, I was also invited to newspapers and magazines not only in Europe but also in America.

Given your obvious stunning good looks and striking features, tell us a bit about where you’re from? I am a native of Salvador-Bahia Soteropolitana, my connection with Salvador and Bahia is really a connection of deep Love because I am from here and my family surname and Bahia itself. Besides, my paternal family came from the recôncavo, from Nazaré das Farinas, and although my maternal family was from the Sergipe region, they also always had a connection with the Bahia Terra Boa region. I lived almost my whole life in Conjunto Bahia at IAPI. I always lived immersed in the history of Salvador. The parties at Largo do Santo Antônio, Lapinha and solitude, the July 2 parade, the washing of Bonfim, the washing of Iemanjá in Rio Vermelho and among others. I am very happy and proud of where I came from.

Model Shooting

Tell us something surprising about you? An amazing thing that happened to me was when I recorded my first CD, my Music (Ritmo da Bahia). Inspired by my own story. The story tells a little about my life and the real-life of a Dancer who once dreamed of singing. And also my own Collection of Sneakers and Caps with my own brand.

It’s been a rough few months, what would say has been the most challenging thing for you thus far? The most challenging thing for me was and is going through this phase of the pandemic where we have social isolation, and the distance we have to stay away from our family members and a lot, but because of that, I had many losses in my professional and personal life where my shows they were all canceled. I never thought I would go through this in my life.

What are some of the things you like to do, behind the cameras and all the glitz and glamour? I like to take care of my health, go to the beach, dance a lot lol, I love to walk!!! I also love going to the mall to shop for new looks.

If we were to try and sweep you right off your feet, what are some of the things you look for in an ideal partner? Despite all my female independence, the ideal partner for me is not and should not be a perfect one, like the good guys in superhero movies, the ideal partner is limited, has stories, fears and desires and like any real person, he too it is wrong and just be humble to recognize your mistakes and failures, and the necessary flexibility to forgive and especially love, because love transforms everything.

…And what would make you go running in the opposite direction as fast as possible? Possessiveness, a possessive person takes away your peace and whoever is close to you, and that is not healthy.

You’re a seemingly talented lady, what are some, if any, of your hidden talents not many people know about? My hidden talent is being a Family, and loving them unconditionally.

Model Shooting

What makes you feel sexy? I think I’m a sexy woman for my self-confidence, being natural, being myself in all situations and actions, being dedicated and communicative.

If you could have any superpower in the world, what would it be and why? My superpowers would be Wonder Woman because she has the bond of justice where we focus our thinking. With an optimistic and stimulating perspective on the things we can control, there are no lies, gossip or intrigues that paralyze us. The truth will prevail. The super strength because we have the ability to develop new mental connections between neurons and from the experience and behavior we have. Soon we are endowed with the power to endure great conquests or irreparable losses. And finally, another of the powers of Wonder Woman is the fact that she possesses the beauty of the goddess Aphrodite. the beauty of giving, of loving unconditionally.

What can we expect from you this year? Any major plans and exciting things we can look forward to from you? I intend to continue taking my concert projects across Europe and America as well as my charisma and love for what I do. So I intend to end this pandemic. I hope to God that will happen.

It has been a true pleasure getting to know you! Any final words for our readers out there? Fight! Believe in your dreams, and never stop dreaming.

Model Shooting