Building Her Brand

Nastya Bers / @nastya.bers

Photography by Žiga Mihelčič / @zigamihelcic

Styled by Laura Jane Brown / @laura.jane.brown

Makeup by Sharon Druga / @sharondrugan

Hair by Dani Hiswani / @danihairstylist1

Produced by Valentina Gurova / @valentinagurova

Tell us about yourself, please. What made you decide to become a model? My name is Nastya Bers. I’m from a small town in Kazakhstan called Shuchinsk. Since modeling was not in great demand in my country, I practically had no chances to climb the career ladder in this field. Once when I was 12, I was surfing the internet and came across two little sisters working as models and I was inspired by what they were doing so much that it made me dream of becoming a model as well.

Do you remember your first photoshoot and how it went? I remember my granny buying me the photo camera I would use for the photo sessions every time we went out somewhere.

What would you recommend for aspiring models? The only thing I could advise is to follow your dream and it will definitely come true if you believe in yourself. The sky is the limit.

What would you prefer to do if you did not manage to become a model? I was actually thinking of math-related specialties because math was my favorite subject during school time. And I was always in the seventh heaven when having it in my schedule. But later this subject seemed too boring for me. 

What do you do in your spare time? I like everything connected with art. Drawing, composing rhymes, singing are what I love doing in my spare time.

What are your dreams? Enjoying little things is what I’m eager to learn because it’s the right way to happiness!