Ms V is Redefining Elegance

with Playboy Africa November 2023 cover star Ms V / @ms_V_modeling

Photographer @zarina_mmj

Editing @i.and.mine

Outfit @honeybirdette

MUAH @gabydiazmua @moltobellabeautysalon

We did not see you for almost a year now. What’s new? That’s right, the last time we met for Playboy Norway, and yes, it was last November Since then I traveled quite a bit and had a few mind-blowing projects. The biggest highlights were L’Officiel, Glamour, Bazaar and OMG, I’m with VOGUE again!!!

How did you get started in the modeling industry? What inspired you to become a model? Men. They always idolized me and looked at me as a Goddess I became. I started early as a kid, then tried different things and experimented with different walks of life. But modeling is where my happiness has always been. Public events help me express the artist in me and channel my creative energy. However, I prefer private engagements as they allow for closer interaction which in turn opens up doors to more meaningful networking and relationships. I hold these sacred moments close to my heart.

How do you like to begin your day? I am a planner, but a dreamer too. My morning routine is simple yet complex. I wake up with an itemized plan for my day. My creative imagination also allows me to pre-plan almost every scenario of the day. And produce plans B and C. Once I am done playing with those scenarios in my mind – I go to real life and do what we all do these days – open up and check all my social media accounts, of course!!! 

Best place you have ever been to in the world? I have visited about 40 countries and keep adding on. But my point of power is Niagara Falls. I always go there to recharge myself and can spend countless hours sitting and absorbing the energy until I feel as if I’m a part of its current and absolutely equal to it, as a molecule reflects the part of the whole.

What does freedom of self-expression mean to you? As a model and an artist – freedom of self-expression is one of the most important aspects of my daily life. To me, it means freedom of my artistic creativity. setting boundaries that align with my beliefs, values, and needs. That freedom guides me in multiple directions to make my daily choices of what to say, what to wear, how to part my hair lol. My messy bun or sleek back style – all part of self-expression. And that freedom helps me to think outside the box.

How do you prepare physically and mentally for a photo shoot that will be seen by so many people? You are absolutely right. Photoshoots take mental and physical preparation. You remember this Latin saying — mens sana in corpore sano — which translates to “a healthy body can sustain a healthy mind”. So, I definitely get my body right first with exercise, yoga drinking plenty of water, and eating only certain fruits and vegetables and legumes. This diet supplies my body with so much energy. On the other hand, anticipation of that important day brings a feeling of euphoria and confidence. And here we go – wallah magic – I feel ready and I actually look forward to shooting and showing off to the world.

What are your favorite aspects of modeling, and what challenges have you encountered along the way?  Modeling for me is being a muse. Each designer transforms me into a new character, a new version of me. My bring allows others to express their creativity. And I love it. The most challenging aspect of modeling for me is the time commitment to projects. Once I am committed I put personal matters aside. And even though it’s challenging, over the years I learned how to manage my time more efficiently. With technology being in its uproar, it’s easier now. I can read electronic books and draw my own designs on the computer. I can Facetime friends and families. So challenges are easier to handle.

What’s one thing about yourself that your fans might be surprised to learn? One interesting fact about me is that I love the fashion design industry. I have a wild eclectic imagination so I love designing some of my own outfits in my free time. I love fabrics. Textures. And I love learning about the best ways to breathe life into them. In fact, I normally have a whole bunch of accessories with me for the shows which designers seem to appreciate and use a lot.

3 things that you can’t go a day without. I love being in relationships. Because I love intimacy. So one thing I cannot go a day without is knowing I have someone to love and share TLC with Second thing would be beauty maintenance. Massages, facials, and gym time Third, I would say is reading at least 10-15 pages a day. Self-growth is very important to me.

If you could choose one word to describe your journey as a model so far, what would it be, and why? In my modeling journey, I would say boundaries are what I had to learn and perfect as I worked on myself and my interactions with others.

What do you believe sets you apart from other models in the industry?  First and foremost this business is extremely judgmental. So I learned to listen to criticism. And swift through what to accept and what to discard and stay positive at all times I am also a giver. I try to be supportive and create an atmosphere where everyone can be relaxed and more productive. Uplifting others makes me feel even happier and more successful.

Can you share any exciting upcoming projects or collaborations you’re involved in?  Yes, I’m back to Runways now and just came from LAFW following NYFW, and still feel those vibes! Awe, it is so amazing to perform, to experience the language of moving, and immediately get response and admiration from the audience while on stage. I’m wondering if I should go to pageants, as where else if not there can you practice them all?! But let’s keep it secret for now, Wink-Wink.

Thanks so much for your time. Where can our readers follow you on social media to stay updated on what you’re up to? Thank you for having me, It’s always an honor! IG is it for sure, I keep it pretty active there posting lots of stories about current and upcoming events and shows I’m a part of, along with some random pics of my daily life, Come join me!