Andressa Urach & Lucas Matheus are Playfully Seductive

with Playboy Africa February 2024 cover stars Andressa Urach / @andressaurachoficialigsh & Lucas Matheus / @lmferraz.01

Photographer Davi Borges / @daviborges_foto

MUA Cayque Calado / @cayquecalado

Stylist Andre de Moraes / @moraesde

PR Cacau Oliver / @cacauoliver

Andressa Urach / @andressaurachoficialigsh

Can you share a bit about your journey and experiences in the modeling industry? I have been working as a model for 14 years. I participated in several beauty contests, among them I was runner-up in Miss Bumbum Brasil, which established me as a model.

What inspired you to transition from modeling to media and entrepreneurship? Love being an independent and powerful woman. Fame brings power and money and I love it all.

What role does fitness play in your daily routine, and do you have any favorite workouts? Gym is essential for health and well-being. I love a squat.

As someone who’s embraced various fitness styles, what advice would you give to someone struggling to find their workout groove? Look for a good professional to help you with your training to make the correct movements to bring effective results.

You juggle many commitments. What self-care practices keep you balanced and energized? The important thing is to be organized in your commitments and set aside a moment in your time to be silent with yourself.

What’s your go-to healthy indulgence when you need a treat? Career & Inspiration? I love salmon sashimi.

Looking back, what decision or experience most shaped your career path? I faced death in 2014 for applying products to my body to look better. After that, I learned to value the simple things in life and understand that we can leave at any moment, so we need to live each day as if it were the last.

What advice would you give to your younger self, knowing what you know now? Love more, kiss more, say ‘I love you’ to people, and don’t leave the house fighting with the one you love, because you or he might not come back.

What does “success” mean to you, beyond the public eye? You go to the supermarket and buy everything you want without worrying about the amount you will pay.

How have your views on beauty and self-image evolved over time? Time helps us understand that each person has their own beauty and is unique and that you have to love yourself above anything, person or time.

What’s one cause or issue you’re passionate about, and why? Freedom, I love being free to do what I have the right to.

If you could create your own fitness challenge, what would it be and why? I would really like to be more willing to run many km. I admire those who do it.

What’s the biggest misconception people have about you, and how can you set the record straight in a fun way? I don’t care what people think, I know who I am and that’s enough.

Share a funny or unexpected moment from your fitness journey or career. I invented a lesbian relationship with the third runner-up in Miss Bumbum Brasil to become more famous than the winner since I won runner-up Miss Bumbum Brasil. And it worked, I managed to become more famous than 1st place. Today I am the eternal vice of miss bumbum Brasil.

Lucas Matheus / @lmferraz.01

What inspired you to enter the fitness world? I’ve always had a lot of admiration for well-cared-for bodies, and I saw that the process was very slow but very satisfying. My father was someone who always liked sports and made me look for where I fit in the most. Bodybuilding was where I fit in the most, the fitness routine It helped me a lot to deal with the physical and psychological.

Can you share a little about your experience and what led you to your current endeavors? My path was quite turbulent, I changed my career many times, but I always kept in mind that keeping my appearance up to date was essential. I always liked taking care of myself and when I discovered the modeling profession, I realized that I would have to dedicate myself twice as much, this motivated me to take better care of myself. me and made me have better results in my professional.

What projects or activities are you currently passionate about? A passion of mine is bodybuilding, it’s part of my daily life and I take it as a job, it’s something that moves my day, I love leisure with adventure, so trail trips and camping trips are always welcome, but I never do without a weekend with comfort, everything it depends on the company.

How do you deal with challenges and solve problems in your professional or personal life? I think we all have difficulties and it’s up to us not to run away from them, facing the problem head-on makes it seem smaller. It was by taking risks that I managed to achieve everything in my personal and professional environment.

What are some of your favorite hobbies or activities outside of work? I love traveling, hiking, camping, and enjoying festivals.

Can you share a memorable experience that shaped your perspective on life? It was certainly my experiences in the liberal environment where I managed to mature as a person and where I explored my freedom, meeting people who were open to their fantasies.

What motivates and drives you to pursue your goals? Like many people, I am a dreamer, and I keep setting myself goals to achieve greater results. My motivation is to prove to myself that I can do it. When we overcome our difficulties ourselves, there is no longer any obstacle in life.

What inspired you to pursue a career or interest in fitness? I watched a lot of programs about bodybuilding and saw a lot about the sport, and seeing those levels of discipline made me question whether I could do it and I gradually tried and adapted.

Can you share some of your favorite workout routines or exercises? I do weight training every day, and I do cardio 3 times a week, my meals are separated by periods. Every 6 months I change the rule but eat on average 4 to 6 meals a day.

How do you stay motivated to maintain a consistent fitness regime? Not every day we are motivated but something that makes me get out of bed every day is seeing that if I don’t go there and have an attitude, no one will for me.

Are there specific fitness goals that you have achieved that you are particularly proud of? I think it is essential to improve the whole set and not just what we like, a proportional physique attracts much more attention today after years of sports, something that was missing was improving my cardio time and today I managed to do it at a higher pace and more times a week.

What role does nutrition play in your exercise routine and do you follow a specific eating plan? Nutrition is essential for the training plan, a balanced diet is necessary to obtain good results.

Can you share a goal or aspiration you are currently working towards? I have the goal of visiting many countries, learning about new cultures, and understanding the customs of every corner of the world… I’m working hard to achieve this.